September 7, 2016
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Agency Updates

Limited Time Special New Member Offer                     
Take advantage of this limited time special offer of a $49 Classic Primary starting September 1st through October 31st, 2016.

  •  1st Associate Free, additional Associates half price - Classic Dues
  • Autobill offer remains the same, no change
  • Classic Primary Renewal dues $49
  • Transfers/Reinstatements are excluded
  • Not combinable with other New Primary Special Offers - IDP, Passport Photo,  Groups
  • Existing Tracking codes will automatically reflect the $49 new Classic Primary dues.
  • When Prospect does not have a DM Temp # of an existing Promotional Tracking Code use, ACGCUST.
  • The Fall Direct Mail campaign will reflect the same offer.  Please use specific Temporary Membership ID to process.
Let's make the most out of this Limited Time offer which expires on 10/31! Questions should be directed here  

MetLife Book Roll Workflow Reminders
Here are some book roll tips that will help us provide our customers with superior service.
  • Letters
    • Rolled/matched and 'near matched' policies will receive an informational letter along with the ACSIC policy packet.
    • Non-roll/non-matched will receive an agency letter advising  that an agent will be in contact with them soon.
  • Matched and 'near matched' policy workflow
    • ACSIC will issue the policy and send policy documents to the customer.
    • Customer change request and policy specific issues can be handled by theACSIC agent support team.
  • Non-matched/non-rolled policy workflow
    • Cannot be serviced by ACSIC
    • These policies will be routed to the retention team via LMS campaign. (Ins Auto Book Roll)
  • Leads will be loaded weekly.
Georgia and Tennessee
  • Agency letters are being sent prior to carrier non-renewal letters.
  • MemberSelect stabilized quotes will be provided to book roll CSR for issuance.
  • Non-stabilized policies will be routed back to Agent of Record (AOR) in order to shop the policy.
  • These will be provided on a weekly basis and should be worked as promptly as possible to ensure customer retention.
  • Combo or Grand Protect policies are not part of the book roll process.
Sill have book roll questions? We've got answers! Visit the book roll Hub page today.                      

AAA Branded

Your Premier Carrier

ACSIC/ACICF:   Underwriting Approval Process (FL Only)
If you need an ACSIC or ACICF Underwriting approval, it must be submitted through SPI in order to be reviewed, approved, and returned to you to issue. But do you send it to Underwriting via Outlook (to or through SPI? Here are some helpful guidelines to answer that question:
  • Submit Through Outlook: If your SPI quote is not complete, have a general underwriting question, or need clarification about any of the underwriting guidelines, feel free to send an Outlook e-mail. Also, if you need a document (Wind Mit, 4-Point, appraisal) reviewed, attach it to an e-mail and send to Underwriting.
  • Submit Through SPI: If you have a completed quote and the SPI system is giving you the message "Submit for Approval," please enter workflow comments with explanations and reasons why underwriting should approve the risk. Detailed notes regarding prior claims, mitigation efforts, and/or household information is helpful and saves time. When submitted through SPI, it is not necessary to also send an e-mail to underwriting via Outlook.

ACSIC/ACICF Agent Hidden River Visit (FL Only)
We have scheduled our Hidden River visit for September 13, 2016 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  This is a great opportunity for you to come to our office and get some insight on what goes on behind the scenes once you sell our policy.  It is an interactive and informative visit that will give you a better understanding of our product.  There are only 20 spots available and this class fills up quickly so don't wait! 
You can sign in by going into The Hub and enter the link below to sign up:
We look forward to meeting with all of you.

AAADrive Insurance Discount Live Webinars: Register Now! (GA/TN)
Do you have any questions regarding AAADrive? Attend this live webinar and ask the experts. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and listen to tips and insight offered by agents experienced with the discount. Login to ACGU and select the option that works best with your schedule:
  • September 13, 10:30-11 a.m. ET
  • September 14, 2-2:30 p.m. ET
  • September 15, 2-2:30 p.m. ET                             
Carriers And Products
Distribution Depth/Product Breadth
Foremost Auto Rideshare Coverage (FL)
Foremost recently announced their new Rideshare coverage available for Uber type drivers.   This is a new coverage to the industry so we want to make sure agents understand the coverage before offering to customers.  Please register for one of the following webinars to learn more about this coverage.

Safeco RightTrack Device Now Available in Florida 

Customers may now receive up to a 30% discount when using the new RightTrack device. 

Learn more about this process and how RightTrack can save your customers money.    


Top Talent in a Dynamic Sales Culture
Strengthen Your Sales Process ---  Attend The Next POP Class
Have you ever wondered why your sales technique works well with some leads but not others? Attend the next Production Optimization Program (POP) class to learn why.
Topics include: 
  • How to identify your leads' Social Styles and tailor your sales technique accordingly
  • How to cross-sell Memberships and Credit Cards and how to gain referrals
  • The latest updates on AAA branded products and underwriting guidelines
Agents at all performance levels are welcome. The next POP class is September 14 in St. Petersburg, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET.
Please register via ACGU by searching for Production Optimization Program
Click here for details, including required prerequisites.                     

Call. Learn. Earn. ---  Attend The Next Call Lab
Improve your calling skills without losing production. During Call Lab, you'll use your own leads to practice what you learn about call openings, transferring enthusiasm, and making effective contacts.
The next Call Lab is September 15 in St. Petersburg, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. ET.
Please register via ACGU.
Click here to learn more.                      

Turn Your LMS Task and Lead Lists Into Sales

Attend the next LMS webinar to learn how your task and lead lists can save you time and help increase your sales.


We'll cover how to:

  • Organize and determine priorities for your tasks
  • Work your tasks and leads efficiently
  • Organize and work your leads based on sales potential

The next LMS webinar is September 16 from 10-11a.m. ET. Click here for instructions to join.

Marketing and Brand Leverage

Marketing Self-Serve


We are always looking for ways to enhance the user experience on MSS so agents can find materials easily. In the Auto and Home library, there are materials that mention "saving a bundle." Those materials are highlighting the multi-product discount and should not be confused with Package. If you have questions about the materials or if they are applicable to your market, please contact your ADT.

Agent Incentives

Top Talent in a Dynamic Sales Culture

ACSIC/ACICF Monthly Incentive (FL Only)
Agents will be awarded credits for each ACICF Package, ACICF Umbrella, ACSIC Auto, and ACSIC Flood net New Business policy submitted during the month (Net equals new business minus cancellations that occur during the month). Agents receive five credits for an ACICF Package, two credits for an ACSIC Auto, one credit for an ACSIC Flood policy, and one credit for adding Umbrella to an ACICF Package policy. Agents will be rewarded based on the following credit totals:
  • 10 credits = $25
  • 20 credits = $60
  • 30 credits = $100
  • 40 credits = $150
  • 50 credits = $200
  • 75 credits= $250  
You can view your results in Varicent under Contest ACSIC ACICF Monthly Incentive.

Earn More Money!
Check out the agent Incentives page on The Hub for a complete list of incentives.

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