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September 7, 2016


Did you ever wish that PRO/5 could have the benefits of all the great new database features that come with the BASIS DBMS, like stored procedures, data replication, data change auditing, triggers, asynchronous triggers, the Google-like Lucene search engine, and more? 
Well, now PRO/5 can, and all without needing to change a line of code, and most likely without loss of performance. Read on to learn how one configuration change to your PRO/5 installation can unlock all of the benefits of these new functions without any data conversion!
Try it, You'll Like It!

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and with this new functionality you can move back-and-forth in your testing before taking the final plunge. No data conversion is required in either direction. 

Read the full "PRO/5 Automatically Gets 15 years of DBMS Enhancements" article that includes details of the one line configuration change to unlock immense value for your PRO/5 application HERE.

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