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September 1, 2016                                                               TC-16007

BASIS International Ltd releases BBj®, the Barista® Application Framework, and AddonSoftware® by Barista version 16.11. This maintenance release also incorporates all customer requested fixes listed in the Fixes file and incorporates new 17.0 preview features listed below.

Download 16.11 today and for additional details, refer to the readme, relnotes, and fixes files.

NEWNEW BBj 17.0 Preview Features in this release
Click here for the full list of 17.0 preview features
Database Management
  • Linked Databases - Adds the ability to configure a named, linked database that points to any 3rd party JDBC database. Tables from a linked database can be used just like any table in a BBj database and can be referenced from any BBj SQL statement using NAME_OF_DB.TABLE_NAME notation.
Language Interpreter
  • Adds the ability to set the horizontal alignment for the list controls
Building Blocks
  • Adds the ability to get the underlying BBjControl from the DashboardWidgetFilterSelectEvent. Now if a user enters invalid data into a filter control, the custom filter selection routine can not only warn the user but can also reset the filter back to a reasonable value.
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