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August 9, 2016


U.S. labor productivity is tracked by the Department of Labor as an industry's total output divided by the hours worked by its employees. As output rises relative to employee hours, productivity rises. At BASIS, the strategic direction has long been to provide you with tools to improve your development productivity. To that end, we have leveraged a simple but valuable Eclipse feature.

Eclipse Tasks to the Productivity Rescue!
  • What do you do when leaving a task incomplete with the intention of coming back later to finish it off? 
  • Can the Business BASIC Development Tools (BDT) help with a reminder?
Enter Eclipse tasks. There are two types of tasks in Eclipse: BDT tasks, which are associated with a specific line of code in a BBj source file, and generic tasks, which are not associated with any specific location in any file. In both cases, you define a text description for the task to remind you of any details or requirements and their priority.

Being More Productive Using Tasks
After learning  to create and manage tasks, you can sort and filter them so that you can find the right task when we are ready to work on it. Further, you can mark generic tasks as completed when they are done and delete BDT tasks when they are no longer needed. Tasks help you remain focused as you work through your daily development projects and allow you to avoid losing track of important tasks. Build them into routines and when they become habits you will find that you can stay focused longer and accomplish more with less interruptions

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