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July 27, 2016


The Dashboard Utility, introduced in BBj 14.0, has been steadily growing more flexible and capable with each subsequent release thanks to your feedback of wishes. Developers, and even users, can now do so much more!

Users can:
  • Customize the Experience:
  • Filter the Data:
  • Export the Data:
  • Click on Chart for Navigation Tips:
  • Click on Data Elements to Drill down to More Detailed Charts or Data:
  • Access a Secure Database Connection:
  • See a Custom Image or Text Instead of an Empty Chart:
Read the full 
Maximizing the Power of the Digital Dashboard Widget"
article HERE.

Many of the new features are available immediately to dashboard and widget users by upgrading the installed version of BBj. If you have not looked at Dashboard Widgets recently, head over to the BBx BUI Showcase web page and experience them right now!
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