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May 2, 2016                                                                         MC-16003

BASIS Releases BBj� and Barista� version 16.0 - the fastest and most robust version ever released and it is available for download now. To list every enhancement would lead to a very long announcement so we have picked a few of the most exciting enhancements and documented the balance HERE for your reading pleasure.

Download and install version 16.0 today! For additional details, refer to the readme, relnotes, and fixes files.

BBj 16.0 Highlights

Business BASIS Development Tools and Eclipse Plugins
Self-Healing Licenses
Memory Mapped 

A multitude of BDT Eclipse 
plugin improvements in WindowBuilder, CodeEditor, and much more, making your development efforts more efficient

No more reset fees or administration! Perpetual licenses ensure that your software has less downtime and delivers better business continuity
All PRO/5 users can now take advantage of the past fifteen years of eXtended features of the BASIS DBMS - such as replication - all with no code changes, no data conversion, and fast performance

Full Text Queries
QuickView Grid
Utility Class
Easily Generate Rich,
Content Driven HTML
The full Lucene query language is available to the user for performing simple or complex queries against BASIS files. Searches are Google-like and blazingly fast with no changes required to the BASIS data
The QuickView Grid significantly improves grid performance, especially for large datasets or in BUI. It loads and processes only the visible grid rows, significantly reducing the amount of data on the client
Adds BBJSP to provide a quick and easy way to generate rich, content-driven HTML for your website based on your backend BBj data and business logic in a manner similar to PHP, ASP, and JSP

Performance and

Form and Query
Enhancements to
Application Replication

A faster user experience with Full Text Queries, even with custom queries involving multiple tables. Less developer effort with better tools, such as a new Report viewer with searching and tab views
Faster retrieval performance when launching, running and dismissing forms and queries through implementation of QuickView Grid concepts, round trip reduction, and application of prefix analysis results
Added rules governing the installation and/or removal of a child application, as well as the manual sync of table aliases in a child application

Interested in learning about the many more features and enhancements in
BBj and Barista version 16.0?

Update to BBj 16.0 Now!

NEW Eclipse IDE Google Group
BASIS has created an IDE User Group to distribute information and help the user community work with a BASIS IDE - either the NetBeans IDE or the Eclipse BDT IDE. The IDE User Group includes two resources:
  • the "ide-user-group" Google Group is for discussion and conversations between community members, and at times with BASIS engineers. It is actively monitored by BASIS engineers who can answer questions about the IDEs or direct community members to resources.
  • the IDE User Group wiki is intended to be a site for sharing community resources related to development with any BASIS IDE. This might include sample code, images, data files, or other files that members find useful during development. This is a doku-wiki, and members of the community manage the pages, the artifacts, and the links to other resources.
Contact your Account Manager to join both today.
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