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February 4, 2015


Legislation such as HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley mandate that a company needs to monitor various data access and change operations from within a business application or implement data encryption. The 'Change Audit Logging' and 'Data Access Trigger' features built into the BASIS DBMS are great options to address these requirements without needing to change a single line of application code, or even changing interpreters. They work with both PRO/5� and BBj� interpreter sessions.
Turn On Data Auditing
Setup and configuration takes only minutes and does not require any new coding
or even shutting down BBj Services. Further, with the use of an ESQL logging database, administrators can use the built-in 'Audit Log Viewer', or query the data directly using SQL for even more power and flexibility. "What's it all cost?", I hear you ask. Like 'Replication', another valuable BASIS DBMS feature, it's included with your SAM fee at no additional cost.

Read the full Turn On Data Auditing BASIS Advantage magazine article and then contact your Account Manager to ensure that you can implement this important feature.
Add Triggers
Triggers are BBx� programs that can execute automatically based on a file operation and can be used for both auditing READ access to sensitive data and to encrypt particular fields in a data file with AES 256-bit encryption.

In BASIS Puts Triggers to Work, read how BASIS implemented this important feature back in 2006.
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