April 11, 2016

BASIS International Ltd releases BBj®, the Barista® Application Framework, and AddonSoftware® by Barista version 15.14. This is the final release of the 15.x revision series. This maintenance release incorporates all customer requested fixes listed in the Fixes file and several new 16.0 preview features listed below. Download the released 15.14 today for the most robust version of our products and sample all of the new 16.0 preview features.

We also encourage you to download the nightly Development Build to review and test your application with the structural improvements that are only available in the upcoming 16.0 release. We are particularly excited about the new Barista Quick View Grid enhancements that significantly improve the performance of loading large grids. Again, these features are NOT included in the 15.14 release but instead are available in the nightly Development Builds.
New 16.0 Features in the Development Build 
Click here for the full list of 16.0 Development Build features
  • Adds VECTOR() function and BBjAPI copy() method to convert between BBjVectors and BBj arrays.
System Administration
  • Adds the ability to select Text(CSV) or Text(TSV) as the output format when executing an SQL statement in Enterprise Manager.
  • Performance improvements to the BBj Dataserver protocol. 
Development Tools
  • Eclipse BDT improvements to the source code editor, code completion, Explorer view, WindowBuilder and AppBuilder.
  • Created an "IDE User Group" to distribute information and help the user community work with any BASIS IDE.
  • Adds the ability for Dashboard Utility widgets to be resizable when popped out.
  • Adds QVGrid utility class
    •  Adds a new "Quick View Grid" utility class as a BBj custom object that implements grid paging for SQL based queries. This significantly improves grid loading and navigation performance for large data sets which is especially noticeable when deployed in BUI.
  •  QuickView Query Enhancements
    • Barista-built queries and custom queries created with Barista's Query Definitions tool profit from new "Quick View Grid" technology. The Quick View Grid loads and processes only the number of visible grid rows at any one time, significantly reducing the amount of data being transferred to the client. Grid data is displayed much more quickly, on an as-needed basis for the initial display or re-display when sorting/searching. Users now also have direct control over when grid data is refreshed based on text entered in the Search box.
  • Improves the Bank Reconciliation interface from Cash Receipts and Invoice Entry to be more flexible in recording deposits, making it easier to reconcile to bank statements. New Deposit form attached to Cash Receipts gives the user control over which receipts will constitute a deposit. Deposits are automatically created by date and cash receipts code for Invoice Entry cash sales. Registers show Deposit ID's, and Cash Receipts register includes a recap by Deposit.  
  • Increases the maximum number of GL Distributions allowed per invoice in AP Invoice Entry from 99 to 999. 
BBjNew BBj 16.0 Preview Features in this release
Click here for the full list of 16.0 preview features
System Administration
  • Adds the ability to specify ARGV arguments in the Enterprise Manager's task scheduler.
  • Adds the ability to specify optional placeholder text for BBj text controls, typically used as a hint or suggestion to the user about what to enter into the text field.
  • Adds several getter methods to the BBjMenu objects to facilitate getting the parent menu, menu bar, and popup menu.
  • Adds the ability to specify a CHARSET to the ENCRYPT and DECRYPT modes.
  • Adds the ability to specify a CHARSET to the ENCRYPT and DECRYPT modes.
BaristaNew Barista 16.0 Preview Features in this release
Click here for the full list of 16.0 preview features
  • Enhancements to Application Replication
    • Adds rules governing the installation and/or removal of a child application, as well as manual sync of table aliases in a child application. Form Manager and Table Maintenance are enhanced to warn about turning on/off application replication mode as needed. 
AddonSoftwareNew AddonSoftware 16.0 Preview Features in this release
Click here for the full list of 16.0 preview features
Manufacturing Bundle
  • Jasper Shop Floor Pick List
    • Jasper report replaces the BBjForm-based Shop Floor Pick List
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