February 1, 2016

BASIS is very pleased to introduce a new self-healing perpetual license that removes the administrative burden and potential downtime associated with server environment changes that alter the host-id and therefore invalidate the license. Until now, these changes required a license reset. License resets are NOT REQUIRED for perpetual licenses! A simple restart of the BLM with a perpetual license will automatically re-register the license with the new host id via an internet connection with the BASIS license generator. 

All new licenses and license resets will take on the perpetual format. The perpetual licence must be registered from the server that will host the BASIS License Manager (BLM). This can be done during product installation or via the Admin utility's "License Registration" option. In either case, the "Register and install a license automatically" checkbox must be selected. Thereafter, new machine installations, disaster recovery instances, changes to the OS, and hard drive replacements don't need a reset, therefore there are no reset fees, and less administrative hassle for you and your customer.
DetailsPerpetual License Details
The BLM is now available both as a stand-alone BLM download of less than 100 Mb as well as being a part of the traditional BASIS Product Suite download. This new stand-alone BLM installer, which currently requires Java 8 for installation and license administration, has the same feature and function of the BASIS Product Suite Installation but can now also be used for PRO/5 and Visual PRO/5 products. The old PRO/5 and Visual PRO/5 stand-alone installer is hereby deprecated and replaced with the far more intuitive and user friendly stand-alone BLM installer. Updating to this new license type is the best way to keep your software running in a safe and secure manner, reducing potential downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Upgrading to the new BASIS Perpetual License type and re-registering your license from the BLM = no waiting + no reset fees + no more hassles = trouble-free licensing. 
GettingGetting the Perpetual License and Enabling its Self-Healing Capabilities
  1. Get the new license type today with any new license purchase or a no-cost license reset.
  2. If you've previously installed BBj, launch the Admin Utility and go to Step 8.
  3. Install Java 8 (required for the BLM install and Admin Utility only.
  4. If you're on PRO/5 or Visual PRO/5, we suggest downloading the new BLM installer and Admin utility from the BASIS download page, by selecting one of these two download options:
  5. If you chose "BBj®, Barista® and AddonSoftware®", select BLM from the Product drop-down list and download the jar file:
    New BLM select
  6. If you chose the standalone BLM, "BASIS License Manager", you will be directed to a web page from which you can download the jar file.
  7. Install the BLM
  8. Follow the Admin utility's License Registration steps to re-register the license and select the "Register and install a license automatically" checkbox.
FeesReset Fees
New perpetual licenses are issued by default for all new product purchases and any reset requests for pre-perpetual licenses. Should you be unable or unwilling to automatically register the license from the BLM server, thereby removing the failsafe features of the license, you will need to reset and re-register the license annually and whenever hardware changes occur. Resets are charged at the prevailing reset fee, currently $200 (non-discountable) or free for licenses covered by Software Asset Management (SAM). Remember that this can be avoided entirely by automatically registering the license from the BLM server. The perpetual license does not replace virtual licensing since both virtual and redundant licenses require SAM coverage.

Please contact your account manager at [email protected] for further information and to answer any questions that you may have.
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