December 7, 2015

BASIS International Ltd releases BBj�, the Barista� Application Framework, and AddonSoftware� by Barista version 15.11. This maintenance release incorporates all customer requested fixes listed in the  Fixes file. Download the released 15.11 today for the most robust version of our products and sample all of the new 16.0 preview features.
Click here for a cumulative list of all the 16.0 features available for preview in this release. The list of features is quite substantive so this is a great time to start testing them out and get your wishes and wants submitted before they are finally codified in the 16.0 release.
Refer to the online readme, relnotes, and fixes files for additional details.
BBj New BBj 16.0 Preview Features in this release
Click here for the full list of 16.0 preview features
  • Added the ability to execute JavaScript code in the scope of a BBjHtmlView control
  • Added setDisableOnClick and getDisableOnClick to BBjButton, BBjMenuButton, BBjToolButton, for cases where it's important that the user not trigger multiple button clicks in rapid succession
  • Added new Grid function getColumnWidths(), particularly helpful in high latency environments to reduce round trips 
 Development Tools
  • Adds several new fonts in a basisfonts.jar file for use with JasperReports. This allows report designers to draw on a large palette of available fonts when creating reports. These fonts are available to the BBjServices JVM, so will always be available when rendering the report, regardless of whether the fonts are installed on the client machines.
  • Improves and clarifies the BBj project properties and user preference settings in the Eclipse BDT plug-ins
  • Improves BDT performance with large projects consisting of hundreds of source files 
System Administration
  • Data Replication Job Status: Changed the column, "Last In Sync" to "Replicated Through" to better communicate the idea that the replication target is guaranteed to be up to date with all changes from the source as of the "Replicated Through" timestamp. Also added a description to the top of the page to explain the meaning of this column. 
  • Adds the ability for the Support Upload page in Enterprise Manager to show a list of currently running uploads as well as the status of past uploads. Users can now monitor the progress of support uploads and see if a job was successfully sent or not.
  • Adds the ability to sort columns on the EM Query analysis page
Barista New Barista 16.0 Preview Features in this release
Click here for the full list of 16.0 preview features
  • Performance Improvements
    • Improves overall performance by moving the path for the translations directory to the front of the PREFIX list, and also by storing the Translator! object in a namespace for faster retrieval when launching/running forms
    • Shortens the time to dismiss queries by exploiting the new grid function getColumnWidths(), reducing the number of round trips needed to retrieve and save user settings from one round trip per column to one round trip per grid 
BBj New AddonSoftware 16.0 Preview Features in this release
Click here for the full list of 16.0 preview features

Accounting Bundle
  • Ensures compliance of 1099 Export Data to Text with Account Ability 2015 
  • Copy firm record utility: Boosts performance by adding a checkbox to control if/when the record counts for the specified firm should be calculated. Also added logging.
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