Nov 2, 2015

BASIS International Ltd announces the release of PRO/5� version 15.01. All PRO/5 users can now take advantage of most of the past fifteen years of eXtended features of the BBj database that our customers around the world have come to love - all without any performance penalty historically associated with the TCP/IP communication layer. We achieve this with a new memory-mapped protocol when PRO/5 and BBj are running on the same server. New with the 15.01 release is the ability to turn on this functionality with just a SETOPT and a STBL setting in the config.bbx file, and WITHOUT requiring ANY code changes to PRO/5 applications! No data conversion is required, you can even switch this on and off while testing the new functionality.
  1. When both !DSOPEN and SETOPTS byte 4 bit $20$ are set, PRO/5 opens performed with the OPEN verb will be redirected to the BBj P5 data server
  2. To use with a config.bbx file, put these lines in the config.bbx file:
    • setopts 00000020
    • set !DSOPEN=/<,port=2100>
Performance is everyone's concern.  Remember that drag race testing in single user mode is not helpful to determine real world experiences of your multi-user application.  On high user count systems with many concurrent READs, PRO/5 users can expect a significant performance boost from BBj's highly efficient algorithms, as can be seen from the chart below. BBj's concurrent READs outperform PRO/5's by up to 10-fold, as the user count grows.  The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and with this new functionality you can move back-and-forth in your testing and evaluate the performance before taking the final plunge. Remember too that PRO/5 batch jobs can execute in BBj directly against the data without any communication protocol overhead, and without code recompilation.

Years15 Years of New Feature and Function Unlocked
Once the PRO/5 interpreters start using file access via BBj's PRO/5 DS, they can also begin utilizing several BBj database-specific features in and alongside their current applications, including:
Other benefits that accrue by having BBj accessible to PRO/5 interpreters are:
  • Built-in Jetty Web Server
  • Browser User Interface (BUI) for delivering GUI components such as Digital Dashboards to mobile devices or desktop browsers
  • Jaspersoft Studio WYSIWYG Report Designer reports
  • Ability to create and consume Web Services
  • Platform independant BBx Task Scheduling
  • Access to any third-party JDBC capable DBMS via XCALL and SQL
  • Access to any BBj functionality via the PRO/5 XCALL verb
  • Batch jobs can execute in BBj directly against the data without any communication protocol overhead (BBj can execute PRO/5 without recompilation and the BBj interpreter is 99.99% backward compatible with PRO/5 interpreter functionality - we challenge you to find an exception!)
  • BBj CUI terminal emulation sessions can be invoked without a data server
  • BBj GUI thin client sessions can be invoked without a data server
Refer to the online readme, relnotes, and fixes files for additional details. Check out the Platform Availability listing and download version 15.01 today!
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