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August 26, 2015


Customers have been lining up for a BASIS partner's mobile construction management solution employing BUI - BASIS' browser user interface. EMQUE's solution reduces paperwork, improves efficiency, while supporting a variety of mobile devices.
EMQUE On Cue with BUI Apps That are 'In'
Several years ago, construction foreman working on the remodel of Madison Square Garden used iPads and EMQUE's BUI app, The Foreman, to complete their work tickets EmQ On Cue with this completely paperless solution. The foremen enter the materials manually or download the purchase order information from their in-house servers into the work
ticket, type in the description of work, number of hours,and with a tap (iPad's click), create a PDF for the customer to review that includes their company logo. If the customer requires a signature on the work ticket,the foreman captures that signature in BUI, which adds it to the PDF and then destroys the captured signature as a security measure. In the final step, the foreman selects an email address and sends out the work ticket.

Developers can extend the reach and appeal of their GUI BBj apps by using the web-based deployment option of BUI. Since BUI inherits BBj's platform flexibility, your apps are supported on Linux, Apple Mac OS X, and for mobile deployment via Web browsers. Find out more in BUI Getting Started.

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