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May 13, 2015


As business needs grow, it is vital that core enterprise applications and their required data access scale as well. BASIS took another huge step forward by providing this scaling in the area of concurrent read access to the data, all without any configuration or application changes!
Leaves PRO/5 Data Server in its Dust!

Rather than using the shared read locking at the OS level (as with the PRO/5� filesystem), the BASIS DBMS uses internal fair read-write locking. This allows BBj� to safely and transparently scale reads without starving writes. 

The BASIS DBMS is the ideal choice for customers who want the PRO/5 filesystem shared read or multi-reader setopts bit set but want to eliminate the potential for write starvation that setting this bit risks. With the BASIS DBMS, it is always enabled and performs significantly better than the PRO/5 filesystem with the shared read setopts bit enabled, providing a fully transparent performance improvement for all customers.

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 The Publications Team at BASIS International