Marketing CommuniquéAMC-15002 
April 29, 2015



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Value to Our BASIS and AddonSoftware Business Partners



About GoldMine 



AddonSoftware® and GoldMine® have formed a strategic partnership to offer businesses of all sizes the most comprehensive CRM and ERP solutions available worldwide. AddonSoftware Business Partners now have the opportunity to be compensated for referrals provided to GoldMine that result in sales. GoldMine VARs will be similarly incentivized for referral leads for AddonSoftware. This announcement contains useful information about this historic partnership.

Partner Webinar Details
A webinar is being held in order to discuss this partnership and to answer any questions you may have about marketing and selling GoldMine, educating on CRM, handling sales leads provided by GoldMine VARs, and more.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015
9:30 am Mountain Time


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GoldMine and AddonSoftware are pioneers in CRM and ERP. These solutions have been available for over 25 years when these markets started. They grew with the markets and together they have enabled over 2 million customers.

GoldMine is a leading provider of mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions designed for all businesses. The GoldMine solution enables organizations to build enduring relationships which enhances business performance through the improvement of employee productivity, customer and partner loyalty, and better management of the entire business ecosystem.

AddonSoftware is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business solution with a core set of accounting, distribution, and manufacturing bundles. Customers of all sizes have the choice of running AddonSoftware on premise or online in a cloud environment - one solution and one technology set for both options.

GoldMine and AddonSoftware are easy to use, feature rich and cost effective CRM and ERP applications. As Cloud solutions they are managed applications so additional technical skills are not required to use them. Companies can use these applications immediately, increasing their use as organizations grow.

The CRM and ERP markets have matured and are very crowded and competitive. Leveraging our combined heritage, expertise, and customer base, we are poised to take market leadership and grow the future of CRM and ERP.

Whether companies have 3 or 1,000's of users, their needs can be met by these CRM and ERP applications that can uniquely scale from small, to medium, to large businesses. Our competition cannot compare!

ValueValue to Our BASIS and AddonSoftware Business Partners

This initiative provides our partners with both CRM and ERP building blocks upon which to build their vertical solutions.

The competition is luring customers away with solution portfolios that provide both CRM and ERP solutions. Now AddonSoftware Business Partners have the opportunity to offer both solutions and preserve and grow their customer base.

GoldMine and AddonSoftware's joint marketing will generate new sales leads for AddonSoftware Business Partner's sales teams.

GoldMine Resellers will sell AddonSoftware on a referral basis. All leads generated will be passed on to the AddonSoftware Business Partners.

This partnership provides you with a complementary application that your company can sell to generate additional sales.

AboutAbout GoldMine

GoldMine is a leading provider of mobile relationship management solutions designed for all businesses. With over 1 million users managing over 1 billion relationships, GoldMine is one of the most widely used relationship management technologies in the world. GoldMine is a division of FrontRange and is headquartered in Milpitas, California USA. More information can be found at
AddonSoftware and GoldMine are registered trademarks.