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February 25, 2015


Replication is a powerful and easy-to-implement feature that every BASIS customer has reason to put to work. It provides an invaluable safety net that anyone would pay dearly for if the situation ever required it. Replication provides extra data security and peace of mind.
Anatomy of a Replication Job
Replication allows users to have one or more up-to-date copies of their production data at all times. This feature is extremely useful for both backups and load balancing
Replication Redux
through read-only data access on target machines, handy for resource hungry reporting.

BASIS designed replication with extremely low overhead for minimal performance impact to writes on the source machine and no impact on read performance. These efficiencies have recently been improved by further shrinking replication's resource usage.

Deliver data security and peace of mind with replication. Read the full "Anatomy of a Replication Job " and "Replication Redux" articles from the BASIS Advantage magazine.
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