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November 12, 2014


If you're not using the 'can't live without' features of the powerful CodeEditor in the BDT (Business BASIC Development Tools) Eclipse plug-in, perhaps you'll reconsider after you discover a few tips and tricks that BASIS engineers use daily in the BDT.
BASIS enhanced the capabilities of the BDT that uses the Dynamic Languages Toolkit framework by adding capabilities specific to the BBj language. Give them a try and see how they can increase your productivity.

Quick Access to Anything

Eclipse's Quick Access search feature is a huge timesaver. Are you using it yet?

Program Navigation
At the top of most programmer's list of favorites is Eclipse's 'Outline' view and 'Bookmarks'.

Ever need to comment out large blocks of code? Now you can remark multiple lines of code at once. And the real-time Quick Diff feature speeds the troubleshooting of your code revisions.

Read BDT Tips for Less Pain and More Gain and Have it Your Way With New BDT Preferences - two new articles appearing in the BASIS International Advantage magazine due out later this year.

Want to see these tips and tricks in action? View the recent Java Break.

New to Eclipse? Read Toolset of the Future to get you started.
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