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October 29, 2014


Have you ever had the need to maintain a modified copy of your data in real-time? Perhaps transforming your MKEYED file to a relational ESQL or third party table?
Now you can!
Asynchronous Triggers Modify the Copy
For a number of years, BBj® users have been able to configure triggers on data files to run a BBj program based on the particular action performed on those files. The new asynchronous trigger functionality allows triggers to fire asynchronously on a target as a result of data changes to the source filesystem.

Asynchronous Triggers
Execute Locally or Remotely
Asynchronous triggers provide a seamless and efficient way to execute specific BBj code whenever write and remove operations occur on a list of monitored directories and files - all without blocking the file operations. The beauty of this new feature is that you can configure your triggers to execute the BBj code on any BBjServices server available on the network, whether remote or local.

Read the full "Asynchronous Triggers Modify the Copy" BASIS Advantage magazine article due out later this year.
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