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BASIS International Ltd. releases version 14.10 of BBj�, Barista� Application Framework, and AddonSoftware� by Barista. This maintenance release incorporates all customer requested fixes listed in the Fixes file and adds the following:

In addition, version 14.10

  • Is in compliance with the accepted security guidelines that requires implementation of OpenSSL version 1.0.1h for the BASIS ODBC Driver, which includes resolution for the Reverse HeartBleed issue and subsequently discovered security vulnerabilities
  • Adds support for the Business BASIC Development Tools (BDT) plug-ins to run in Eclipse's new release 4.4 (Luna), bringing with it full Eclipse support for Java 1.8

  • Supports the latest releases of Java 1.7 Update 65 and Java 1.8 Update 11
Refer to the online readme, relnotes, and fixes files. Download 14.10 and try out the new features today!
BBjBBj 15.0 Preview Features
Items in bold are new since 14.01 



  • Enhances the browser user interface (BUI)

    • Adds the ability to use HTML formatting such as bold, italics, color, and fonts for tooltips within a BUI program

    • Adds the ability to place longer help text as a "long cue" in a BBjControl status bar

    • Adds support for modern HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript code in a complete web browser for the BBjHtmlView control that relies on JavaFX WebView and is configurable via STBL("!OPTIONS","JAVAFX_HTMLVIEW")

    • Implements the BUI BBjScrollBar control

  • Adds ability to set the border color of a child window to meet application requirements

  • Simplifies conversion from OpenBASIC with the addition of an option to not report !ERROR=47 for substring out of bounds errors on empty array elements (OPENBASIC_ARRAY47)
  • Adds new SETOPTS byte 9 bit $20$ to make it easier to read string (plain text) files
    • Enables READ RECORD to work without the need for SIZ=
    • Enables READ to treat the two-byte Windows line separator $0D0A$ as a single line separator
  • Adds new mnemonics for Thoroughbred compatibility

    • OVERLAY - Allows temporary display of another character window's contents in the active window similar to the CAPTURE mnemonic, but also overwrites the character window borders and is easily undone

    • WINSAVE - Stores a copy of a character window in an archive of inactive windows.  The original window can be deleted, removing it from the CUI display and freeing up its ID number, and then restored from the saved copy

    • WINRESTORE - Restores a copy of a character window from an archive of inactive windows. The restored window is displayed on the CUI screen as the active window and responds to input and mnemonics once again

    • WINDELETE - Deletes a saved character window from the archive of saved inactive windows. After the saved window has been deleted, it can no longer be restored

  • Adds new features for Thoroughbred conversion support

    • CVT function emulates Thoroughbred's CVT function

    • COMPAT flag enables IF47 emulation for Thoroughbred Basic conversions

  • Adds new FILEOPEN() and FILESAVE() mode to fine-tune the behavior when the user selects a file that doesn't exist (fileopen) or already exists (filesave)

  • Adds BBjSysGui::setScale(x,y), equivalent to the 'SCALE'(x,y) mnemonic

  • Adds BBjSysGui getScaleX() and getScaleY(), previously available in the SYSGUI FIN string

  • Adds more user control over the heartbeat between the BBj and Java components that comprise the XCALL server, allowing for these components to recognize a situation where one of these entities is no longer responding

  • Adds a new BBjMDI::setBackgroundImage method to allow for placing background images on the MDI desktop

  • Extends BBjThinClient User Properties to support HTML Session and Local Storage in BUI

  • Adds getScreenImage and getWindowImage methods to return a screen or window as a BBjImage

Development Tools

  • Enhances Eclipse BDT plug-ins

    • Extended and enhanced the code completion and code assistance functionality in BDT's CodeEditor

    • Added a number of user-settable options to configure how BDT builds and executes BBj programs

    • Added the ability in BDT to run BBj code as a BUI program in a browser

Database Management

  • Adds asynchronous triggers that trigger user-specified BBj programs, in the background to avoid impacting normal file operations, when a monitored file is changed, one for new or changed records and one for deleted records

  • Adds a new built-in SPROC called GET_RESULT_SET_DSV that extends the functionality of GET_RESULT_SET_CSV to allow the query to specify a field delimiter as well as a record delimiter, giving users access to files that have field delimiters other than commas (i.e. tabs, etc)

  • Adds scalar functions to the SQL engine

    • TO_DATE facilitates converting date strings using a customizable format

    • TO_TIMESTAMP facilitates converting time strings using a customizable format 

System Administration

  • Add STARTTLS to allow a client and server to initiate a connection without encryption and then switch to an encrypted connection later if the protocol allows it (SMTP for example)

Application Building Blocks
  • Enhances dashboard widget capabilities in the Dashboard Utility with the ability to:

    • Create widgets specifying a BBjRecordSet for the data

    • Popout an embedded widget

    • Enable a widget's capabilities, such as PopoutEnabled, SaveEnabled, etc.

    • Specify the widget's titlebar and border colors

    • Customize the chart's legend label format

    • Further customize the pie chart's label format

    • Specify whether or not a pie chart should ignore zero values in the dataset

    • Refresh a JasperViewerWidget

  • Enhances the BBXImage Utility with filtering methods to adjust the brightness of the image, adjust the contrast of the image, blur the image, sharpen the image, and convert the image to grayscale

  • Adds the ability to export BBJasperReports to XLSX format

BaristaBarista 15.0 Preview Features

Items in bold are new since 14.01


  • Child aliases (conceptually similar to views) are now exported to the BASIS DD like regular tables for use in Barista and SQL (external) queries; the "Display Master Record" function from the query shows the form for the child alias

  • Drill-down enhancements

    • Drill-down definitions now include fields for a custom program and a Query ID to be invoked in lieu of the standard drill-down

    • New field in the custom Query Column allows for stipulating a drill-down ID; query columns with a drill-down display as an italicized hyperlink in the query grid

    • Drill-down functionality added to the standard and detail grids in which the drill-down menu item and tool button become active, like in the standard maintenance form

  • Menu system enhancements

    • Ability to launch programs to run in the browser user interface (BUI)

    • Menu option to disallow running an item in BUI

    • Command line arguments separated from program (target)

    • Company and product ID list edit buttons in menu maintenance

    • Optional path to configuration file for BASIC programs

    • Open file dialog for target and other fields in menu maintenance

    • New fields for working directory and CSS file path

  • Help system enhancements

    • Ability to access help in single document and BUI modes

    • Enabled help for topics dependent on whether a help tag has been assigned to the menu item, form, or control

    • Header and detail in the header/detail forms can have their own help tags

AddonSoftwareAddonSoftware 15.0 Preview Features
Items in bold are new since 14.01

  • Passes all new QF-Test suites 
  • Dashboard enhancements
    • New Manufacturing tab with grid widget shows Work Orders linked to Sales Orders; includes filters for both Work Order status and Sales Order Status
    • New top-level menu gives users fast access to dashboards
    • Optimized SPROCs improves load/display times for Sales Analysis data

    • Added Month and Year filters to the AR Drilldown widget
  • All forms and reports are now launchable in BUI


  • Embedded widget on Customer Master shows customer's aged balance, dynamically switching from a pie chart to a bar chart to show credit balances
  • Increased speed of the AR Drilldown Report  


More Information
Download this new release today. See Barista in action by including AddonSoftware with your download and see an example of an ERP built completely with Barista.
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