April 21, 2014TC-14005

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BASIS International Ltd. releases version 13.14 of BBj®, the Barista® Application Framework, and AddonSoftware® by Barista. This final maintenance release incorporates customer requested fixes and all patches applied to 13.13. Download release 13.14 today and refer to the readme, relnotes, and fixes files for more information. 


In addition, BASIS releases version 13.14 of the 64-bit Windows ODBC Driver to address the Heartbleed security vulnerability. Using previous versions of BBj's 64-bit (not 32-bit) Windows ODBC driver to connect to a remote BBj Services server over the Internet instead of a LAN or VPN connection poses a small security risk. Such an attack would be difficult to accomplish unless the client or the server is using a very insecure Internet connection such as a public WiFi hotspot.


As a safeguard, BASIS recommends upgrading to the new 64-bit Windows ODBC Driver to avoid even this small risk. For more information, refer to the knowledge base article Heartbleed Fix for 64-bit Windows ODBC Driver.


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Join us for our next Java Break - a two-part series on Wednesday, April 23 and May 7. In two 30-minute sessions, we will highlight new BUI feature and function, and discuss why BASIS' BUI is the perfect choice for developing mobile data-driven business applications.


In "Web Apps Made Easy with BUI," see how to create new web apps in BBj or, without major code changes and with zero deployment, take your existing graphical BBx® application written in Visual PRO/5 or BBj and turn it into a web app to run on a desktop web browser or mobile device, without any Java or BBj on the client!

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Download this new release today. See Barista in action by including AddonSoftware with your download and see an example of an ERP built completely with Barista.
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