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BASIS International Ltd. releases version 13.03 of BBj�, Barista� Application Framework, and AddonSoftware� by Barista. This maintenance release specifically resolves several known issues, accommodates Oracle's continued Java security changes, and addresses various customer requests.
BASIS proactively corrected several problems to address Oracle's ongoing Java security code changes that the following versions introduced:
  • Java 1.7.0_21 -- introduced a string parsing change that prevented execution of programs that contained spaces in the file or path name, affecting both Netbeans and the SCALL Verb
  • Java 1.7.0_25 -- introduced a change that negatively affected the display of SysConsole in the Thin Client when launched via Web Start in BBj versions prior to 13.02
  • Java 1.7.0_40 -- introduced a change that affected Web Start and resulted in a more severe security warning and also removed the option to suppress the warning for subsequent launches
Additionally, BASIS...
  • Fixed a license management error when using Data Server syntax in a database path to point to an instance of BBj Services running on another machine
  • Improved grid validation and selection events
  • Implemented customer requests for
    • Wildcard support in replication
    • AddonSoftware enhancements including Manufacturing changes
  • Upgraded Jetty from version 6 to 9 for improved compatibility, functionality, and speed
  • Added significant Eclipse Plug-in enhancements and further documentation
  • Improved the data dictionary caching mechanism within the SQL engine, requiring less memory especially on large user and large database systems

BASIS strongly recommends installing the latest Java 7 update 40. In addition to including all of the latest security fixes, this version adds support for the Mac OS X Retina Display. BBj and all of your GUI and SysConsole-based Business BASIC applications now display at native resolution on retina-capable devices, resulting in razor sharp text and increased legibility.


Download this new release today while continuing reading below about all of its 14.0 preview features!
BBjBBj - 14.0 Preview Features
BASIS expands the Email Utility...
  • EmailDialog
    • Provides a user interface for emailing messages and attachments
    • Supports contacts and email settings
  • BBJasperViewer
    • Includes a new email tool button that launches the EmailDialog to email the viewed report as an attachment
    • Inherits Barista file and email attributes when run from that environment
  • BBJasperReport includes an email method to email a report
AddonAddonSoftware - 14.0 Preview Features
The Shop Floor Materials and Subcontracts files contain a new alpha-numeric reference number field that gives the user more control and flexibility when correlating materials and subcontracts to drawings. When processing materials, there is also a new "auto-number" function that lets the user specify the beginning and ending row to auto-number, the first alphanumeric number to use, and an increment, making it possible to quickly and easily auto-number (or re-number) an entire list of materials or subsets of the list.
The Work Order Detail and Traveler reports are re-designed for efficiency, producing more compact output while maintaining readability by adding a "green bar" effect.
AddonSoftware JasperReports now offer one-click saving in .pdf format, as well as an email button to launch the Barista fax/email form so you can add Jasper-based .pdf documents to the Document Processing Queue. Jasper documents saved as .pdf are also now recorded in the Barista document archive so they can be recalled from Document Inquiry.
DocsDocumentation Enhancements
Oracle's Javadoc tool generates API documentation in HTML format from comments within Java source code. This is a great benefit for object-oriented Java developers as well as BASIS' version, BBjToJavadoc, that which does just that for BASIS object-oriented code.
Today's BBj developer can generate documentation quickly and easily with the familiar and modern look and feel. Using BBjToJavadoc, BASIS documents their APIs that automatically updates the documentation as new methods are added. Expanded Email Utility documentation joins BBJasper, Dialog Wizard, and BBjToJavadoc in Javadoc-like format and now in 13.03 includes the familiar Google search bar for locating other BASIS resources. See below how the BBjToJavadoc Overview appears in the traditional documentation format (top left) compared to BBjToJavadoc API in Javadoc (bottom right), both with the customized Google search bar.
 BBjToJavadoc Doc Comparison
More Information
Refer to 13.03 readme, relnotes, and fixes release files.
Download this new release today. See Barista in action by including AddonSoftware with your download and see an example of an ERP built completely with Barista.
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