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May 13, 2013

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BASIS International Ltd. announces version 13.0 of AddonSoftware® by Barista® that adds the new features listed in the release notes, including the newly completed Shop Floor Control (SFC) module, greater control of the SQL filtering function in inquiries, new custom font and CSS capability for forms, and new graphical versions of standard reports such as Invoices, Checks, and Statements.


SFC's completion brings to a close the modernization of legacy Addon, introducing significant new feature and function to the AddonSoftware product, and lays the groundwork for future improvements to the product line.


Version 13.0 also takes advantage of the technological advancements provided by the Barista Application Framework and the BBj® language to deliver an innovative software package known for its structural quality. Together with the new releases of Barista and BBj, version 13.0 delivers improved performance, functionality and debugging capabilities to drive efficiency in software customization and the creation of vertical applications.


AddonSoftware continues its 30+ year history of constant improvement - additional features, increased functionality, and updated technology - in this release.


Download AddonSoftware by Barista today. For more information, review the readme, relnotes, and fixes 13.0 release files.


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Download 'AddonSoftware by Barista' today. For more information, review version  
13.0 readme, relnotes, and fixes release files.
See AddonSoftware in action in demo videos.

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