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Vol. 14-25                                                                                                                      6.24.14
Construction Awards Announced

The FY2014 State Aid for Public Library Construction Grant Program Awards have been announced and twelve MHLS Member Libraries, along with the Mid-Hudson Library System, have been awarded funds. The application process began over a year ago so these libraries have been waiting a long time for this announcement!


MHLS member libraries have reported over $55 million in construction needs. Each year these State funds help member libraries better meet the needs of their communities while maximizing local funding. MHLS was initially allotted $525,545 for member library projects in this grant round but received an addition 5% in funds to distribute, a total of $551,795. These were funds unable to be used by other Systems in the state.


Area legislators made the announcements last week and had this to say about the importance of libraries and the State Aid for Public Library Construction program:


"Our libraries are community hubs, hosting countless activities that enrich lives young and old. Libraries are also some of the most historic landmarks we have and they are often in need of costly technological and accessibility upgrades that must be accomplished while still maintaining their traditional character. Electronic lending has skyrocketed and many people utilize the Internet at their local library to job search or catch up on news from around the globe. It is vital that libraries are able to keep up with changing needs. Assisting libraries with state funds takes the burden off local taxpayers, while preserving and improving these valuable resources for generations to come."

-Senator James Seward


"Libraries are an important part of our communities, especially today when they offer so many programs and services for residents of all ages. These grants will help make our libraries more accessible for people with disabilities, more energy efficient and more inviting for everyone - whether they're kids doing their homework or senior citizens getting help with their taxes or learning how to navigate the Internet."  

-Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk


"Libraries are more than bricks and mortar. They are truly centers of their communities, offering a wide range of programs and services. Many of our local libraries struggle to make ends meet, this funding is necessary to provide local communities with the proper resources to help them to continue serving our people."  


-Assemblyman Peter Lopez


2014 Awards in the Mid-Hudson Library System:


Brewster Public Library: $5,000

Restoration of windows in an 1931 Georgian-style library facility, application of low-E solar film; installation of storm panels.


Heermance Memorial Library (Coxsackie): $27,000

Interior modifications to flooring, ceilings, lighting and shelving to make the library more accessible, sustainable and user-friendly.


Desmond-Fish Library (Garrison): $20,000

Installation of a variable refrigerant flow system (VRFZ) to result in a more efficient HVAC system; more zones; and noise reduction. Estimated annual heating/cooling savings of $7,000.


Haines Falls Free Library: $64,000

Later phase of a significant renovation project to address drainage system damaged by Hurricane Irene; renovate entries; rehabilitate stairs to mezzanine; and final fixtures and furnishings. When total project is completed it will result in a 466% increase in usable public space.


Hudson Area Library Association: $106,562

Adaptive re-use of the Hudson Armory, a facility that will be the new home for the library. Project includes built-in millwork (shelving, service and computer desks, cabinetry, displays). New space will enable the library to be fully handicapped accessible for the first time, result in the provision of a meeting room that can seat 100 people (currently they have no dedicated meeting room); new facility will result in a 60% increase in usable public space.


Hurley Library: $46,562

Acquisition of new facility which will result in a fully handicapped facility (current library is not handicapped accessible), increase usable public space by 40% and lower heating and cooling costs in the library's operations budget.


Patterson Library: $21,000 
Installation of a whole-building generator and dehumidification system to increase access to service and stabilize interior climate and air quality.


Phoenicia Library: $76,564

Phase III of renovation project to expand current footprint concurrently with renovation work of fire-damaged building. This will result in new space for children's room, community meeting room and elevator. This phase: flood-proofing to FEMA standards; septic; technology infrastructure; fixtures and furnishings; construction supervision. Slated to be the first Passive House designed library in the country.


Poughkeepsie Public Library District: $106,562

First phase of a major renovation and expansion project for a newly acquired facility. This phase: site preparation. Ultimately will result in a 240% increase in space: new space will double the number of public access computers; create programming space where none existed previously; completely handicapped accessible; adequate parking.


Red Hook Public Library: $20,000 
Renovation of currently underused space in an historic building to create more public space for computers, programming and a quiet reading area. New space will provide twice the current number of public access computers. Includes HVAC, insulation and electrical system upgrades to this 1865 facility to create the capacity for the stated needs in newly created space.


Stone Ridge Library: $7,730

Phase II of a significant stabilization, rehabilitation and energy conservation project for a building on the State and National Registers of Historic Places. Project includes siding and insulation - using environmentally friendly insulation.


Woodstock Public Library District: $10,000

First phase of a new construction project to create a library annex: asbestos abatement; demolition of current structure; and relocation of an electrical pole. Future plans for the new building will ultimately result in a minimum 13% increase in usable public space.


Mid-Hudson Library System: $40,815

Energy efficiency project to replace 1966 aluminum windows in the MHLS office building. Repaving of 20,000 sq. ft. parking lot.


The application process for the next round of construction grants is underway. Eligible libraries have been identified through the Construction Needs & Intent to Apply action memo sent to directors in April. The MHLS deadline for applications is Friday, August 8th. Questions can be directed to MHLS Coordinator for Library Sustainability, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich: rsmith@midhudson.org or x239.

MHLS Announcements

"Salary, Leave & Benefit Survey": MHLS Assistant Director Merribeth Advocate is working with member library directors to update the MHLS "Salary, Leave & Benefit Survey." The end result will be a database of salary, benefit and leave information that you will be able to sort by county, by library type, by library size etc.


Last conducted in 2010, the results of this survey have been found very useful for member libraries while planning and budgeting. The MHLS System Services Advisory Committee is seeking 100% participation from member libraries. Member library directors have been emailed this online survey. Thank you in advance for your participation. Directors are asked to have the online survey filled out by June 30th.

Trustee Resources

Oath of Office Reminder: Some library trustee terms begin on July 1. This is an important reminder that New York State Public Officer's Law 10 requires all public library trustees (but not association library trustees) to take an oath of office within 30 days of beginning their term of office. Public library trustees are public officers and the oath of office is required to officially undertake and perform the duties of a public library trustee. If a public library trustee does not properly complete and file an oath of office, the trustee's position may be deemed vacant. A sample Oath of Office form is available on the MHLS website.Please see the Oaths of Office FAQ on the New York State Library website for more information: http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/libdev/pltrust/oath.htm 

MHLS recommends that the minimum starting salary of a full or part-time librarian with an MLS degree be at least equal to that of a teacher with a master's degree in the same community.


Member Libraries are welcome to submit items of interest and job openings to the MHLS Bulletin: bulletin@midhudson.org

The MHLS Bulletin is available online at http://midhudson.org/bulletins/main.htm.