January 14, 2016

SUS Helps End Chronic Veteran Homelessness in NYC
He's a veteran who wrote a memoir which helped inspire a film starring Richard Gere.  But you may be surprised to read that while writing, 65-year old Thomas Wagner, known to many as Cadillac Man, was the focus of several city agencies, who worked tirelessly to find him a permanent home.  That's because for nearly 20 years Cadillac had been chronically homeless... MORE

Bringing Cheer with Holiday Stockings
What warmed your heart during the holiday season?  Was it tinsel?  Egg nog? Sleigh bells in the snow?  For us it was the joy of seeing multiple corporate and community teams and individuals take part in the SUS Holiday Stocking project by volunteering to buy or package holiday gifts for those individuals who SUS serves, many of whom have no family or social networks.
And this is exactly what happened when 85 individuals "adopted" up to five SUS consumers for the holidays... MORE
No Limits
When he was very young the doctors diagnosed him as having a developmental disability.  Then the kids in elementary school started to bully him.  And by the time he reached high school he was getting into fights all the time and describes that time as "too traumatic".
But 23-year-old Jose Rivero is not letting any of these experiences hold him back.... MORE


Volunteer for Hope 2016
Ever wish you could do something special in January?  Well now you can!  Help the Department of Homeless Services count the homeless in your neighborhood ... MORE

Renaissance gets a renaissance!

20 Ohio State Students took several days out of their winter break to paint the hallways at our Renaissance shelter.  Way to go! ... MORE

Happy New Year!
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