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Meet Krishna:  Our Latest E3 Hero  


That would be Krishna Pakala from Boise State University.  Krishna always wanted use everyday examples in his classes because as he says:


"When difficult concepts are put in simple layman terms-I remember those forever.  I was hoping that doing [everyday examples] with my students would mean that they would remember the concepts even beyond graduation."

While Krishna uses lots of everyday examples- balloons, bikes, pumps, iPods--his and his students favorite E3s involve potato chips and coffee.  They learn a lot and get to enjoy the chips and the coffee.

Not surprisingly Krishna's students like his use of E3s.  Over of them rated the everyday examples he used in his Thermodynamics course extremely or very interesting, instructive  or helpful.  And they want more.  In their student satisfaction survey, students said they wanted to see more real life applicability and how to solve problems that are real. Add to that Tonya Nilsson, from Santa Clara University, finding that two and three quarters after taking her Mechanics of Materials course, students who had learned about Moment Diagrams and Composite Axially-Loaded Members with E3s were much more apt to correctly remember the concepts than were those who had taken the course before she used E3s.

So to improve student interest, satisfaction and retention of knowledge- get yourself some Everyday Examples and tell a friend too.



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