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ENGAGE's Everyday Engineering Examples:
Add Relevance and Interest to Your ME Classes
Fast, Easy Ways to Use Examples from Students' Everyday World 


Typical examples used in engineering classrooms come from industry and the military--areas in which most first and second year engineering students have little experience or interest. 

Using Everyday Engineering Examples are real-life objects and situations that draw on students' common experiences. They tie engineering concepts to the familiar, and often unexamined, everyday world of students.

Join Dr.Tonya Nilsson, P.E. and ASME's Tom Perry, P.E. to learn about ENGAGE's resources and impact:

  • Free, downloadable lesson plans incorporating Everyday Examples in 18 course areas including Freshman Engineering, Physics, Thermodynamics, Dynamics and Properties of Materials
  • Fast, easy ways to integrate Everyday Examples in classes
  • The impact using Everyday Examples has on student interest and learning and on faculty evaluations
Our Presenter
Tonya Nilsson Ph.D., P.E.,
Santa Clara University 
Tonya Nillson

"Everyday Engineering Examples provide faculty with easy-to-implement, effective ways to engage students. Fully developed lesson plans with example problems, demonstrations and in-depth explanations save time and are the perfect tool to help faculty improve student learning." 

Dr. Tonya Nilsson, Lecturer in Engineering at Santa Clara University, was previously a tenured Associate Professor at California State University, Chico.

An advocate for excellence in engineering education, Dr. Nilsson has worked extensively with ASCE's ExCEED Teaching Workshops and the national ASCE Committee on Faculty Development.

Dr. Nilsson earned her BS in Architectural Engineering - Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, MS in Structural Engineering - Stanford University, and Ph.D. in Structural Mechanics - University of California, Davis.
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January 29, 2013
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