January 2016
Happy New Year!!  We are back in full swing at VSPA.  We look forward to another amazing year with you all.  Enjoy this Months Newsletter and as always if you have any questions please let us know - info@VSPA.net


Frank Valverde

June 9th - 12th 2016
Lewis Family Playhouse

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Spring Musical 2016: 
Disney's Broadway Hit Musical: 
The Little Mermaid

Save The Date and Come Out To Support E3!!!!
All are Welcome!!!!!!

E3 Will be performing
at Ontario Reign Hockey Game on 
Friday, February 19th @ 7:00pm.  
Tickets are $20 each!  
Order form to purchase tickets will be available at the Front Office or Front Desk at VSPA by February 10th.

VSPA Choirs

PeeWee Choir ~ Ages: 4 -7
Children's Choir ~ Ages: 8 - 11
Youth / Teen Choir ~ Ages:12 - 18

Does your child love to sing?

Join choir now for an opportunity to 
sing fun and new songs throughout the year.  

There is a Choir for         
everyone.  Choir is a great way to learn musicianship, sing in harmonies and sing different styles of music.


Mrs. Janice
Mr. Trin
Ms. Megan

E3 Support

 E3 - Expressions, Entourage and Encore, is a performing troupe made up of talented Singer, Dancer, Actors that perform all over Souther California - Disneyland, Catalina Island, LA County Fair to name a few. 
 In December 2015 E3 had the wonderful opportunity to perform at Walt Disney World and Universal Studio's Florida because of the community's support.  THANK YOU!  

E3 also performs at private and local community events.  Giving back to the community with performances at Tour de Cure, Relay for Life, and other local City events.
You or your company can help support E3 in 2016.  E3 is a Non-profit organization dedicated to these young performers and to our surrounding communities.  The members of E3 fundraise throughout the year to pay for the travel expense and the expense of participation at some local venues.  

One way E3 can raise money is through donations from you or your company.  If you have a corporate event that you would like to have entertainment at please let us know.  We would be happy to be a part of your event.

For more information on E3 please contact Frank & Yesenia Valverde at: info@vspa.net
  • DO say thank you to the instructor after class. In most classes you are required to give the teacher reverence, but if not, you should give thanks for them giving of their time to teach you.
  • DO listen to any instruction that is given, even if it is not for you. You can still learn from what is being said.
  • DO be on time.
  • DO respect the space of others. If you want to do a combination full out, be aware of others, don't just run into them!
  • DON'T take a break unless your teacher allows you to. It's rude.
  • DON'T take your phone into class. If you do, make sure it is on silent.
  • DON'T give up on a routine. If you mess up, try and finish the combination!
  • DON'T use class time as social time.

Dates We Are Closed
  • Monday, February 15th - Presidents Day
  • Friday, March 25th - Sunday March 27th - Easter Weekend
  • Saturday, May 28th - Memorial Day Weekend
  • June 20th - July 4th - Summer Break
  • Monday, September 5th - Labor Day
  • Monday, October 31st - Halloween
  • Friday, November 11th - Veterans Day
  • Thursday 24th - Saturday 26th, November - Thanksgiving
  • December 22nd - January 3rd 2017 - Winter Break

Thank you for taking the time to keep up to date on all of the events going on at VSPA.  As always, if you have any questions or thoughts please let us know.


Frank Valverde
Valverde School of Performing Arts

Thank you to our Corporate sponsors for your donations to E3.