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 May 2014 
~ OMA Spring Tea ~

This year's annual Spring Tea on Sunday, May 4th at Franciscan Montessori Earth School, was a joyful celebration of community and all the work we do with children and families all year long. 

The moving tribute by colleagues and parents of former students to Michelle Becka, recipient of the Susie Huston Outstanding Dedication Award
, left many teary-eyed.  Michelle spoke of her gratitude to those whose work she has had the privaledge to build upon, and told a story from India about how we are all reflections of each other - a beautiful sentiment for our community to hold in our hearts.

Congratulations to you, Michelle, and best of luck to you as you move onward in your career and pursue your Training of Trainers program!
The recipients of the Outstanding Dedication Award, Ingrid Anderson, Mercedes Castle, Stacey Edwards Russo (pictured below), and Rebecca Pelton were recognized for making it possible for many more Montessori practitioners in Oregon, who trained at MACTE accredited teacher training centers, to receive professional development recognition within the Oregon Registry Steps system.  Their work is not only beneficial in the State of Oregon, but also serves as a model for other states in crosswalking MACTE with state professional development lattices. Additionally, the Federal Government intends for Early Childhood Professional Development Credentials to be portable across state lines, and because MACTE is recognized by the Department of Education,  the work done by Ingrid, Mercedes, Stacey and Rebecca will assist Montessori practitioners around the nation when this intention becomes a reality.

After the awards, those in attendance enjoyed an informative Question and Answer Session with Jada Rupley, Chair of the Early Learning Division, about how Montessori practices may interface with the changes happening in Oregon through the Oregon Department of Education and the Office of Childcare.

Thank you for taking time out on a Sunday afternoon to honor those in your local community!   
Oregon Montessori Advocacy Partnership Updates        
The Oregon Montessori Association, via the Oregon Montessori Advocacy Partnership, is currently working to promote next February 22-28, 2015 as Montessori Education Week in Oregon! We are planning to promote the last week in February because this is the same week many other states have chosen to begin to solidify their efforts in the recognition of Montessori education.

Our intention is to send a request for a proclamation by Governor Kitzhaber to have February 27, 2015 be declared Montessori Education Day, and then have the declaration read out in our State Legislature as part of an initiative to foster awareness of Montessori education...  


...On February 27th, 2015 there will be a model Glass Classroom in the Galleria of the Capitol Building in Salem with Montessori volunteers to talk with legislators and the public about Montessori education. The space is reserved and this is happening!  Click here to read the letter in its entirety


OMAP needs your help, and the help of the students in your schools, in the letter writing campaign we are initiating to make our intention of a receiving a proclamation from the Governor a reality.

Drafts of the letters (one for school staff to model from, and one for children to model from) are below.  Please let us know how this project worked in your schools so that we can share with one another.  Did the children like it?  Did it generate questions and discussions about being active citizens?  Have fun!


Click here for Draft for School Staff Letter 

Click here for Draft for School Students Letter  


E-mail Cathryn Kasper at or Kari Wax at for more information or to volunteer. 

SW Washington Activities
  • Julie Davis, OMA's SW Washington Regional Representative, reports that everyone who attended the OMA Pub Night held in Vancouver, WA on April 29th (and all but one of the region's schools was represented), had a great time.  Thank you for organizing the event, Julie!
  • Dozer Days held at the Clark County Fair Grounds May 17th and 18th also brought out a strong attendance from regional schools.  The activities under the tent (sponsored by SW Washington regional Montessori schools and OMA) were in almost constant use, and there were lots of conversations being had between parents and school representatives. Pictured here are Danielle Benge (left) from Cascadia Montessori School, and Donna Hargrave (right) of Camas Montessori School. 
Dozer Days 2014  
  • Mark your calendars!  The Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair will be on Saturday, September 13th, 2014.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Julie Davis at 


~ OMA Summer and Early Fall 2014 Calendar ~

  • Saturday, June 14:  OMA Annual Board Retreat
  • Tuesday, June 17:  Toddler Summit - Location and Time TBD  


  • OMA's membership renewal letter will arrive in your mail box (electronic and snail) 


  • August 1:  2014 - 15  OMA Membership Renewal Begins 
  • August:  Assistant Workshop in Corvallis and in Portland - Dates and Times TBD


  • Saturday, September 13:  Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair
  • Saturday, September 20:  In-Home Group Meeting, Casita Montessori School, 10am

The Oregon Montessori Association is a group of schools and individuals who support vibrant Montessori education in Oregon and Southwest Washington...and beyond.