Travel & Leisure's Top 10 National Park Views  Coincide With Mine

 Welcome to Day # 211 of our "365 Parks in 355 Days" adventure.


I'm off to New York City on a 7:15 a.m. flight, and at this early hour I needed the inspiration of a park I haven't seen yet.  I Googled "most spectacular national park" and came upon an article in Travel & Leisure Magazine, "Best US National Park Views." Forgive me for bragging but I got to number 4 before I came upon a park I haven't been to, and it was Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in Colorado. Fortunately, our friend Dr. Gillian Bowser who I'm also planning to see in NYC wrote about it for us on Day 71.


Today I'm eager to revisit some of the most spectacular views I've seen in our National Parks that make Travel & Leisure's Top 10.   

 This view of Hidden Lake  in Glacier National Park was Travel and Leisure's No. 1 of 11 Top Views, and I felt that was true of everywhere I looked in this park which is so extravagantly beautiful that it is named "The Crown of the Continent." T&L Photo.


Thank you to my friend from Atlanta who wrote, "Thanks so much for exposing us to the wonders of nature!!!" in response to yesterday's tour to Garden of the Gods. 


  I've seen this view of Park Avenue in Arches National Park, T& L's No.3 and it is spectacular! T&L Photo.


I was thrilled yesterday to see the creative ways that my outdoors loving friends are using to spread love and support for our national parks and their caretakers, such as Rue Mapp's  5 Ways to Survive Park Closures. Among other things she suggests we call/write our congressional representative; join a national parks advocacy group; encourage national park staff, and learn park history. Kudos to you and your team, Rue!  


The view from Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park is T&L's # 5, but to me it is the place where I was reborn as a citizen, not just of America but of Planet Earth. T&L Photo.


To all our ranger friends and staff in our national parks, forests, wildlife refuges and indeed to all Americans affected by the shutdown, please know how much we love and appreciate and value you for who you are and what you do. Thank you. As citizens we must all work together to return our country to sanity.


 The view from Clingmans Dome in Great Smoky Mountains National Park is T&L's # 10, and I have seen it from the quiet intimacy of our friend Doug's back porch. T&L Photo.


These are among the places we cannot physically visit today because - well, you already know why. You can do something about it. Write, call, tweet or Facebook petition your representatives in Congress and express yourself. Let's use the tools at our disposal.


And catch our NPCA Acting President on C-Span this morning between 9:15 and 10 a.m. talking about the impact of the shutdown on our parks and monuments.

I'm off!


 If you've missed any of our "365 Parks in 365 Days" adventures, find them here  (Archive) Pick up your indispensable copy of "Our True Nature" while you're on my website. If you don't have it, you can't know what you're missing....


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