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From the President....
  ATRA submitted three ideas in response to the US Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) outreach for research and development ideas. The outreach closed today with our three ideas in the top three positions. Out top idea received more than three times the votes of any idea not submitted by ATRA. Now to get FTA to stand by its commitment to act on public input!

Thanks to all of you who voted and/or submitted comments. It was gratifying to see ATRA members rally around as well as to realize that there must be many non-members out there who share our sentiments.

After months of transition, the ATRA website has now been transferred to new host servers and is back up in full swing. Check it out here.

The Podcar City & Advanced Transit conference in Antwerp is next month (September 19 - 21). ATRA and ATRA IG will hold a combined strategic planning meeting in conjunction with the Podcar City conference - starting right after the final session on the 21st. The meeting will culminate with dinner  at a local restaurant. If you are a member of either group, please plan to attend.
Peter Muller

As always, enjoy reading!

Best regards,
Peter Muller, P.E., ATRA President
Railcar system is a game day staple in Morgantown

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia - Three hours before game time, five college guys are risking their lives.

The PRT (personal rapid transit) is a West Virginia University mini railcar that has abruptly stopped at a random station. The first and only stop on this route was supposed to be outside Mountaineer Field for West Virginia's opener against Missouri, until a system malfunction occurred. Read more...

Identification of environmental impacts for the Vectus PRT system using LCA

Emissions from passenger transport causes impacts to the environment and human health.With increasingdemand for urbantransportation caused by population growth and urbanizationnew transport solutions are needed. Vectus Intelligent Transport develops a new transport solution with the Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) technology which providesindividual,automatedandon demand transportation.

Uber and Lyft Revolutionize Public Transit

Could Uber and Lyft make the dream of futurists for personal rapid transit come true?

Since the 1950s, thinkers such as city transportation planner Donn Fichter began to envision an automated public transit system for low-density areas where rail and even buses were not practical. Even in denser urban environments, it has always been a challenge to get people to leave their cars at home when mass transit cannot offer point-to-point and schedule on demand service. Read more...

Engineer pitches personal rapid transit

Edward J. Anderson visited the Princeton Rotary Club Aug. 17 to tell the members about his research on personal rapid transit and why a PRT system would work where light rail has failed.
Anderson said he'd helped start the original transit agency in Minnesota and had been working on alternatives after realizing that congestion is the problem and that light rail "does not reduce congestion." He founded the Taxi 2000 Corporation and said he's long been developing the specifications for a prototype PRT system. Read more...

Go driverless and breeze past the traffic

Travelling to work is a hassle in cities, but what if you could sit in an elevated driverless pod and escape the road traffic. While it sounds futuristic, many companies have developed technologies that could make this possible.

Fairwood Group is looking at introducing driverless pods in India as personal rapid transit (PRT) solution and is eyeing multiple cities for a pilot project. Read more...

Changes for 2016-2017

...PRT Renovations

The PRT was closed this summer due to phase II of the PRT Modernization Project that is aiming to redesign, replace and repair systems, electrical gear, and the hospital tunnel on the PRT tracks.

The entire system will now be outfitted with the new Automatic Train Control this fall semester to improve the quality of the PRT system.

The estimated total cost of the renovations is $52.6 million. Read more...

Greenwich Automated Transport Environment

GATEway (Greenwich Automated Transport Environment) is an �8m research project, led by TRL, to understand and overcome the technical, legal and societal challenges of implementing automated vehicles in an urban environment.

Taking place in TRL's UK Smart Mobility Lab in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, the project will trial and validate a series of different use cases for automated vehicles, including driverless shuttles and automated urban deliveries. Read more...

The First Autonomous Vehicles from 2getthere

Last week we wrote an article about 5 companies that are building an autonomous electric bus, the majority of which are just at the early stages of commercialization with various pilot projects launched. One Dutch company has been working on autonomous vehicles which operate on electric power since 1984 and is the first of all these companies to have working commercial deployments of which they have two.

Dubai could be the first to hop on Hyperloop One's global shipping train

Hyperloop One tells TechCrunch it might be building its crazy fast transportation system at the Jebel Ali port in Dubai if all goes according to plan.

And it could be the first place to build an actual Hyperloop for commercial use, says CEO Rob Lloyd. "It's got the infrastructure, regulatory movement and kind of capital in place needed to build it already," he told TechCrunch.

The above links are to articles that appear relevant to advanced transit but no guarantee is made as to their accuracy and no verification of the integrity of the associated websites has been made.


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