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From the President....
Peter Muller
Automated Vehicles Symposium 2016 will be held July 19 - 21 in San Francisco this year. ATRA would like to take the opportunity to enlighten this audience with regards to automated vehicles for transit use (PRT/GRT/aTaxi). If you are a good public speaker, you are encouraged to submit a presentation proposal to Gary Hsueh (Gary.Hsueh@arup.com), ATRA Secretary. I will not be able to attend so you can contact me for ideas and/or assistance with PowerPoint slides. ATRA may assist the right speaker with related expenses.
A new ATN procurement has been announced in India. Here's hoping it does better than the one in Amritsar.

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Automated Vehicle Policy and Regulation
A State Perspective Workshop
University of Maryland, 18 May 2016
The focus of this workshop is to identify key principles the states will need to make effective policy decisions to enable the safe operation of advanced automated vehicles (sometimes called autonomous, self-driving, or driverless vehicles) on their roadways. The current approach is unsystematic considering the huge impact this new technology will have on our roads. A few states permit testing of these vehicles either through legislation or order of the governor, while others are testing without this official approval. In the interim states are relying on their existing vehicle laws to govern automated and autonomous vehicle operations until appropriate policy and regulations are identified.  
With this as background and point of departure, this workshop seeks to identify key principles that can provide a foundation for the common operation of automated vehicles across the states. This is critical to insure safe operations, efficient travel, and environmental benefits at the introduction of automated vehicles as well as to speed the deployment of future advances.  Registration for this Workshop provided by ATRA!  Register here...

Singapore is getting the world's first fully autonomous taxi service
By Sarah Kimmorley
Full self-driving automation - known as level 4 - is yet to realised in the car industry. Google's autonomous cars, for example, are Level 3, meaning they operate with limited self-driving automation, where a driver's input is sporadically needed. Other car manufacturers offer semi-autonomous systems, based on autonomous braking, or parking.
But that is about to change thanks to a software company called nuTonomy. Read More...

NHAI invites bids for personal rapid transit system
Source: Projects Today
National Highways Authority of India has invited bids for development of personal rapid transit (PRT) system Delhi-Gurgaon pilot project corridor in Gurgaon. The scope of work includes development of personal rapid transit (PRT) system Delhi-Gurgaon pilot project corridor (length of 12.30 km) from km 24.00 at NH-8 (Delhi Haryana border) to km 33.50 (Rajiv Chowk, Gurgaon) NH-248A Sohna Road on DBFOT basis. Read More...

1st In Nation Driverless Shuttles Coming To San Ramon Bishop Ranch
SAN RAMON (CBS SF) - Driverless shuttles could be making a national debut at a San Ramon business center under an agreement announced Monday between public and private entities.  EasyMile, a French company that provides shared driverless transportation, announced it has forged a partnership with GoMentum Station, the Contra Costa Transportation Authority's Concord testing ground for autonomous vehicles. Read More...

Smart City Expo Taiwan
At the recent Smart City Expo in Taiwan, 2getthere contributed to a session on Smart Mobility with a presentation entitled 'Autonomous Vehicles Complementing Existing Transit'. The presentation was very successful, with a lot of interest from the audience and many discussions afterwards. There is a keen interest in Taiwn in automated systems and their introduction. Read More...

Now, Nasa's skyTran to zip through Bihar cities
By Sheezan Nezami
PATNA: If everything goes well, Bihar may soon have 'skyTran' a NASA product, as a mode of transportation in the state, which will run on magnetic levitation (maglev).  Read More...

Ultra Global PRT Pods Transport Passengers at Heathrow Airport
A Picture Collage.  View More...

Podcar News
Mass ownership of cars surged after WW-II causing massive congestion and urban flight in the US. Eisenhower sealed the problematic deal in the 1950s in the deteriorating Interstate Highways that put down a continental network. It ripped apart cities. Transit use declined dramatically. Urban cores were almost abandoned. Some were.  Read More...

Tampa International Airport unveils new people mover - and you can vote on what to name it
By Alli Knothe
The centerpiece of the $953 million renovation at Tampa International Airport will be a series of sleek, silver trains that will run from the airport's entrance to the main terminal, each adorned with a famous Florida bird.  Read More...

Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District Request for Proposals For Automated Transit Network Serving Airport Terminal at Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport
The Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District ("District") is seeking Proposals from all responsible and qualified vendors ("Vendors") who are interested in being pre-qualified for implementing an Automated Transit Network ("ATN") at the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport ("GSP") in Greer, South Carolina.  Read More...

Global bids for Gurgaon pod taxis in April

By Dipak K Dash
New Delhi: Pod taxis, an idea with which Indian states have flirted for years, will finally debut in Gurgaon. The National Highways Authority of India has laid the groundwork to roll out India's first personal rapid transit (PRT) network and will invite global bids for the project within the next fortnight. The pilot project will span a 13km stretch from the Gurgaon-Delhi border to Badshapur Mod on Sohna Road and is estimated to cost Rs 850 crore. Read More...GOAA Unveils Future Passenger Trains
Source: GOAA
For many, the first ride they have when they visit Orlando is not at a theme park but instead on the Automated People Mover (APM) trains that connect the airsides to the main terminal building at Orlando International Airport. Now, after over 35 years of service and more than 2.8 million miles, the original APMs are being replaced. On March 16, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority board members unveiled models of the next generation of train that will succeed them.  Read More...

Orlando International Airport Unviels New Look APM Trains
By Joe Bates
It has been a busy couple of days for Orlando International Airport, which today unveiled the designs for its new Automated People Mover (APM) system - just 24 hours after receiving the go ahead for its new South Terminal.
For many, the first ride they have when they visit Orlando is not at a theme park but instead on the the APM trains that connect the airsides to the main terminal building at Orlando International Airport.   Read More...

Slovakia Is a Natural First Stop for the Hyperloop-No Joke
By Alex Davies
WHEN ELON MUSK proposed his wild idea for the Hyperloop almost four years ago, he billed it as an unbelievably cool way to get from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 minutes. But the first place to adopt the futuristic tech might in fact be ... Slovakia.  Read More...

Richard Garriott pitches 'Personal Rapid Transit' at SXSW
Local video gaming legend and 'spaceflight participant' Richard Garriott held a panel at SXSW Monday afternoon.  Garriott was there to promote his plan to help ease Austin's traffic woes with a 'PRT' system.  His presentation, "Personal Rapid Transit: Available NOW for Austin" was held at the Westin in Downtown Austin as a part of SXSW Interactive.  

Could elevated, personal transportation pods help Austin traffic?
By Kevin Schwaller
AUSTIN (KXAN) - An entrepreneur and private astronaut based in Austin is pitching an idea that might seem out of this world-a new way to move around the traffic-burdened city.  At a South by Southwest event Monday, Richard Garriott suggested a system called personal rapid transit (PRT).  Read More...

Gadkari announces Metrino system
By Askof Kumar
Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways and Shipping Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday announced the construction of a Metrino Personal Rapid Transit System in Gurgaon from Delhi-Haryana border to Sohna road (Badshahpur Chowk) through Rajiv Chowk as a pilot project. Read More...

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