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It is disappointing, but not altogether surprising, to see Greenville County Economic Development Corporation (GCEDC) terminate its PRT procurement process. GCEDC is to be commended for trying to make something happen despite having little, or no, budget. I now hear rumors that LA is trying to do something similar. It boggles the mind that a city of that size cannot come up with a decent budget to explore a technology that could help revolutionize its transit system.

I think the lessons to be learned from Greenville include:

  1. Having a business case sufficient to attract investors requires a bankable ridership study (not cheap).
  2. While a large PRT deployment may pay for itself, any initial system is unlikely to and will need subsidizing in the interim.
  3. PRT suppliers with commercially-available systems are unlikely to bid on projects where the community has no skin in the game.

If your community wants a PRT system, I suggest you use one of the consultant members of ATRAIG to undertake a feasibility study. This does not have to be very expensive. If this study has promising results, then you should find the funding for a bankable ridership study. Then you can put together a project that suppliers can bid on. I believe best results will be obtained if you can find a way to partner with suppliers, sharing both the risks and the rewards of the project.

Peter Muller


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Peter Muller, ATRA President



The Missing Links for a Sustainable Future

by Chair Rod Diridon, Sr., US High Speed Rail Association

Emeritus Executive Director, Mineta Transportation Institute

Chair Emeritus, APTA High Speed Intercity Rail Committee


Ridership is up dramatically on all modes of public transportation especially rail transport. The wonderfully aware and responsible millennial generation have decided to try to save the world for humanity by being sustainable.  Read More..

TRB 95th Annual Meeting: Call for Papers
The Standing Committee on Airports Terminals and Ground Access (AV050), is seeking papers exploring how automated/ driverless vehicles might affect airport terminals and airports' ground transportation network. Paper submission is open from June 1 to August 1, 2016.  Read More...



County board halts automated transit bid process
by April A. Morris
Potential podcar project 'not dead,' members say.
Following a vote last Thursday, the Greenville County Economic Development Corporation (GCEDC) evaluation committee, which was considering proposals for a driverless automated transit network (ATN) in the Upstate, halted the procurement process for a network developer.  Read More..

PODCAR (personal rapid transit) as the city transport of the future
YouTube Video
Modern systems of city transport have many problems, which cost people both time and money. That is why we can see dozens of start-ups and inventions, which are aimed at making the urban transportation faster, more economical and comfortable for citizens. View Here...

REMIX -The new standard in transit planning.
Built for transit agencies. Get set up instantly, and start planning better transit.  REMIX (formerly TRANSITMIX) let's transit agencies plan complex scenarios in seconds and communicate their ideas visually.  Read More...

HR 2886 To direct the Secretary of Transportation to establish an Automated and Connected Vehicle Research Initiative, and for other purposes.
House of Representatives
Mr. Lipinski introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, and in addition to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.
Read More..

So fast are transformations sweeping our world forward into the 21st century that it is difficult to imagine where will be in five or ten years. What will life be like in 2025?  With global communication available everywhere, why do we crowd into big cities? Will scatter over hill and vale, around remote lakes and cliffs continue?   Read More..

Reduce Gridlock, WE CAN FIX IT

A new generation of Personal Rapid Transit systems is available to help solve LA Gridlock at an affordable price. And the benefits don't stop there.  Read More...

County agency terminates automated transit bid
By Bill Poovey 
A Greenville County panel's effort to recruit an automated transit network developer has abruptly ended with the members deciding they did too little planning before bids were sought. Greenville County Economic Development Corp. Chairman Fred Payne said the Thursday vote by the agency's evaluation team "terminates this procurement process."  Read More...

Canberra is a perfect canvas for the future of transport. So why's it buying a 130-year-old idea?
By Arthur Davies
For many years, I have been interested in doing things better, more efficiently and preferably more cheaply. What brought this up again in my mind is the ACT government's proposal to install a light-rail system, a pretentious name for heavy trams, at quite a large cost.  Read More...

Manifesto for the End of Driving
Worldwide, more and more people continue to purchase and drive motor vehicles. This is the revealed preference of massive numbers of humans as soon as they can afford to do so, implying more congestion, pollution, roads, parking lots, injuries, and deaths. Currently, world vehicle population doubles every 20 years. By 2030, the planet is expected to have two billion motorized vehicles-twice as many as it did in 2010.  Read More...

At MOSI, take a ride into the future
The Observer News
The Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) in Tampa offers Bay area residents and visitors the opportunity to experience autonomous vehicle technology, in addition to drones and robots, this summer in a hands-on, interactive way. Beginning June 13, guests have been able to ride in a driverless vehicle, and to code robots at MOSI.   Read More...

A Smart Car on Train Tracks Won't Fix Our Transit Woes
By Alex Davis, Gear

IF YOU THOUGHT Smart cars were goofy before, wait until you see one that thinks it's a train.  In what it calls "a light-hearted, one-off experiment," Smart worked with train engineering outfit Interfleet to adapt a Forfour model for life on the rails. Read More...

These Suspended, Driverless Pods Could Reduce Traffic Congestion In India
by Jay Cassano, FastCo-Exist

This futuristic "personal rapid transit" network would deliver passengers right to their doors. Now they just need the money to build it.  When Ollie Mikosza describes Metrino pods, it sounds like he's telling a riddle. "It's an electric car, except you don't drive it," he says.  Read More...

"Envisioning Automated Vehicles within the Built Environment: 2020, 2035, 2050" 
Workshop to be held during the Automated Vehicles Symposium: "Envisioning Automated Vehicles within the Built Environment: 2020, 2035, 2050". The focus will be on Michigan. It will be held on Friday July 24, 2015 : 9:00 - 4:00. The Friday July 24th workshop is free (lunch on your own).  Read More...

There is no doubt that the reality of robocars is upon us. Google is but one of many deep-pocketed companies developing the necessary software and contingent hardware. World auto manufacturers are jockeying to keep up with and form corporate alliances. University classes and programs are engaging students at all robocars levels, using different names. The current "autonomous vehicle" moniker is hardly likely to stick in our ever-evolving techno-English.  Read More...

News of the 180-page papal encyclical about "ecological sin" is swirling in the media. The New York Times reports that industrialists are "fuming" with reactions as rude as "Who the hell is he?".  On the green side, EcoWatch has gushed that this Vatican leader is "laudable".  Read More...

2getthere continues to lead the Automated Transit Networks industry with several major innovations being introduced in the 3rd generation Group Rapid Transit (GRT) system. The changes result directly from the experiences gathered with the existing Rivium system (the Netherlands) and the Personal Rapid Transit application at Masdar City (Abu Dhabi).  Read More...

Shimla to get new ropeway

The Times of India
Shimla is all set to get its problem of traffic congestion solved with an Rs 200 crore ropeway project connecting ISBT Tutikandi with the Ridge.   The ropeway shall facilitate the travel of 2000 people to and fro per hour which would further reduce the pressure of vehicles on the Cart Road.  Read More.

One automated transit company makes cut for Greenville County
By Bill Poovey, GSA News
One of two proposals to build and operate a privately financed automated transit network in Greenville County has been disqualified, leaving Taxi 2000 of Fridley, Minn. as the only prospective developer. The Greenville County Economic Development Corp. project evaluation team made that decision today and said Taxi 2000 CEO Mike Lester will have to answer more questions before a contract is awarded.  Read More...

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