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Lots of interesting things are happening - Greenville has opened bids, TRB is calling for papers, Singapore is looking for information, and a new PRT developer (www.transitx.com ) has joined ATRA. These are just a few of the topics covered in this month's issue. Don't forget the next webinar scheduled for June 17th. 

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Passenger Transport has been changed by ATN Systems
Since 1999 Robbert Lohmann, together with 2Getthere, has completely changed the market for automatic passenger transport. In the past, large vehicles followed a fixed, linear route at a low frequency. The technology of 2Getthere made it possible to create a fine meshed network using reference points in the road surface and with smaller vehicles at a higher frequency. The company created the first PRT (personal rapid transport) system in the world in Abu Dhabi.  Read More...

Monica Zarafu wins the first annual Martin Lowson Paper Award
ATRA is pleased to announce that Monica Zarafu, University of Technology Sydney, Australia, has won the first annual Martin Lowson Paper Award.  This annual student paper award was established with generous support from the Lowson family. Read More... 

Beyond Traffic - Choosing the Future

A new white paper from ATRA has been published.

Beyond Traffic - Choosing the Future has been developed in order to bring attention to different driverless car-centric and driverless transit-centric futures that could emerge.  Read Paper..

Where is autonomous transit going next?

FREE WEBINAR!  Date: June 17, 2015

More details will be sent in separate email invite.  Read More..


ATRA AWARD: The ATRA Award for Outstanding Contribution to Advanced Transit

We are now accepting nominations for the ATRA Award for Outstanding Contribution to Advanced Transit. The award acknowledges individual contributions towards awareness, development, planning, operation or acceptance of Advanced Transit.   Read More...



Transportation Research Board

Authors interested in submitting papers are advised to check the Paper Author Resource Page for the major changes for 2016 and read Writing a Paper for TRB and Submitting a Paper to TRB. Authors submitting papers in response to this Call for Papers should submit full papers for peer review to the Transportation Research Board online.. Read More...


Himachal eyes personal rapid transit in Shimla

By HP Wire, HP Hills Post 

Shimla: To decongest Shimla and Dharamsala, the Himachal Pradesh government is planning to set up personal rapid transit (PRT) as a green alternative transport mode, Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh said here today.  The feasibility report to set up PRT pods in both towns has been prepared, he said.  Read More...



LTA seeks ideas on incorporating autonomous vehicles for public transport

Chanel NewsAsia, SINGAPORE:
The Land Transport Authority has issued a Request for Information on how AV technology can be harnessed for mass-transport services such as buses or shared vehicles. LTA will study if AVs, such as autonomous buses, can be deployed as a mass-transport service that operates on fixed routes and scheduled timings, it said in the press release.  Read More...

Fiberglass cars whizzing through the Raleigh skyline? A test track has broken ground at N.C. State 

By Lauren K. Ohnesorge, Triangle Business Journal

A professor's futuristic vision - colorful fiberglass cars whizzing across the Raleigh skyline- may not be so far out of reach.  Seth Hollar, associate director of the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program at N.C. State University and co-visionary behind an in-concept transportation system dubbed ecoPRT, confirms construction has commenced at Centennial Campus on a test track for the technology.  Read More...


PRT closes for summer to continue with modernization plans By Rachel McBride, The Daily Anthenaeum

West Virginia University's 40-year-old Personal Rapid Transit system will be undergoing renovations this summer, making it closed to passengers until August 10.  The major modernization ideas have been identified as the PRT Master Plan and the renovations project will contain multiple phases. Read More....


Swift Tram to Present at Exponential Finance Conference 

Swift Tram Next Mobility, Boulder, Colorado May 28, 2015.  

Swift Tram has been chosen as one of five organizations to present a "breakthrough technology" pitch to investors at the Exponential Finance conference in New York City on June 2, 2015.  Swift Tram is revolutionizing transportation by automating, elevating, and eliminating traveler delays due to congestion.  Read More...


Two companies submit proposals for automated transit network in Greenville

By Bill Poovey, GSA Business

A panel of Greenville area officials and development executives has accepted proposals to develop a privately financed, automated transit network that would be the first of its kind in South Carolina. They agreed Tuesday to first determine if each proposal includes a 100% private financing commitment.  Read More...

Why plan for the past when the future beckons?

London Community News

What's holding our city back from moving forward?

We are.  John F. Kennedy once said, "Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth."  Read More...


Automated transit CEO comes to Greenville to promote robotrain

By Bill Poovey, GSA Business

The top executive of a company competing to build and operate an automated transit system in Greenville County is asking for input from prospective users. Mike Lester, CEO of Minnesota-based Taxi 2000, is in Greenville this week trying to build community support for his proposed system.  Read More...


The most relaxing airport experience ever? 

By Ruth Halkon For MAILONLINE 

Inventor creates driverless buggy to whisk passengers from car park to terminal gate without having to walk a step 

  • Airport Personal Transport is a driverless car for airports
  • Will ferry passengers from their cars to their boarding gate at three times walking speed
  • Designers are hoping to raise $100,000 to create a prototype 
  • Read More..  

    RUF status 2015

    By Palle R Jensen

    Concept and features RUF vehicles are all designed using the same basic drive system. The vehicles differ in length and width as well as in equipment. The guideway is the same for all vehicles, but a super strong version can be made for heavy goods sections. A normal guideway is dimensioned to be able to carry 500 kg per m. Read More...


    Good Prospects in Silicon Valley

    Podcar.org News

    Especially over the past three years, the spirits of Ron Swenson, California-based solar entrepreneur and director of the International Institute of Sustainable Transportation (INIST) have been lifted by the incredible dedication and hard work of many folks around the world who are raising the bar to create podcars as a new form of public transportation.  Read More.. 


    West Virginia University's PRT Making Improvements

    By Megan Hudock, Reporter, WBoy.com

    The Personal Rapid Transit System of West Virginia University is now closed for the summer and big improvements are being made.  This summer their system will continue to modernize through a variety of system upgrades and maintenance activities.  Read More...


    PodcarCity9 - Conference Newsletter
    Podcar Press Release
    In this issue: * Conference Program taking shape * Swedish KOMPASS Network * Opportunities for presenters * Project Perspectives * Rosemont PRT * Youth moving podcars forward* Fast development in the world of Automation * Conference Venue * Registration
    Read More...   

    Public Transit Solutions for Cities of the Future

     -check link-


    Lofty Taxi - There is a better way to get from A to B in traffic
    Flying cars would be so awesome...but are only possible in cartoons.  So build an elevated guideway and 'fly' the cars above and below it.  Read More...

    Crossrail to Hyperloop: The World's Most Innovative Public Transport Systems

    By Spencer Hart, Gizmodo

     If you mention public transport to someone the first thing that usually comes to mind is grotty night buses and over-crowded trains. But thankfully, it doesn't have to be like this -- there are innovative, futuristic systems out there, such as the UK's Crossrail, that aim to ease our commuter-woes. Read More...


    PRT Closes for summer maintenance starting May 10

    wvutoday Press Release

    This summer, West Virginia University's Personal Rapid Transit system will continue to modernize through a variety of system upgrades and maintenance activities such as the installation of the new train control infrastructure and the replacement of select electrical gear. Read More...


    Podcar.org News

    Mass transit has a role to play in response to the growing consensus that mankind and its growing urban conglomerations must change course to prevent costly climate disruptions. The chant is:  BAU (business as usual) is dead. Read More... 

    The above links are to articles that appear relevant to advanced transit but no guarantee is made as to their accuracy and no verification of the integrity of the associated websites has been made.


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