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May 28, 2013

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Uzbek Advocate Nail Gabdullin
Representing Arrested Christian
Appeal Hearing on 
May 29  


Dear Friends 


Thank you so much for your continued prayers for the cause of religious liberty around the globe.  Today Gregory Vijayendran and our brothers and sisters from Advocates Asia ask that you pray with us for our Uzbek brother Nail Gabdullin who is representing on appeal a Christian who was convicted on criminal charges for "illegal production, storage, import or distribution of religious literature." 


Forum 18 News reports:




Sharofat Allamova, a Protestant from Urgench in north-western Uzbekistan, has been given one and half years of corrective labour, after being convicted under criminal charges brought for the "illegal production, storage, import or distribution of religious literature". The judge in the case, Makhmud Makhmudov, refused to talk to Forum 18 News Service. Allamova will be placed in a low-paid state job, her salary being further reduced by having to pay 20 per cent of it to the state during her sentence. She will only be permitted to travel within Uzbekistan with written state permission, and is banned from leaving the country. It has been stated that the NSS secret police compelled witnesses to make false statements against Allamova. Separately, fines have been imposed on people in the capital Tashkent for meeting in a private home and having Christian literature, and for carrying a personal Bible and New Testament. Baptists have noted that the latter conviction is illegal in Uzbek law."



Gregory specifically asks that we pray for Nail

Our brother Nail Gabdullin shared with us that he was working for the case reported below and that as why he could not join in for the recent Hong Kong conference. He further shares that he is before the Appeal Court for this case on 29 May 2013 and has requested prayer.

Apart from the prayer points below, let us remember Nail for this appeal case - for the seven-fold Spirit to rest on him (Isaiah 11:2) and God's wisdom to be poured out on him (James 1:5). Pray that justice will roll on like a river and righteousness like a never-failing stream (Amos 5:24). 


Pray also for the defendant/appellant: 


Let us pray for Allamova that despite what she has been through, she will know that blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness for theirs is the kingdom of heaven and that she is blessed when people insult her, persecute her and falsely says all kinds of evil against her because of Christ. (Matthew 5:10-11). May the joy of the Lord be her strength (Nehemiah 8:10b). Despite these actions taken against Christians, may they not forsake the assembling together (Hebrews 10:25). Pray for a spiritual injunction against the attempts of Satan in this nation and Central Asia to speak against the Most High and oppress the saints and try to change the times and the laws (Daniel 7:25).  


Thanks again for your continued prayers for Advocates around the globe who are representing people facing persecution. 


May the Lord bless and keep you in His perfect. . .


Grace and Peace from Hong Kong,

Brent Sig
Brent McBurney


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