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March 15, 2013

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Pakistan Blasphemy Hearings
20 March


Dear Friends 


Please join with us in continuing to pray for our brothers and sisters in Pakistan who are facing possible death penalty for blasphemy charges.  We received word from Advocate Ezra Shujat, President of Advocates Pakistan, that the case of Martha Bibi has been scheduled and rescheduled numerous times.  The latest hearing was to have been on 13 March, but because the Judge was "on leave,' the case was postponed once again to 20 March.


Please continue to pray that true and honest justice would be granted in this and other case in which the judges too often fear the results of a decision rendered "against" the Muslim accusers.  Rather than ruling they find many reasons to postpone them. 


Please also pray for the Christian communities in Pakistan that have seen a dramatic increase in violent attacks against them over the past few weeks.  Incidents in the city of Lahore, as well as the city of Jehlem, Punjab province, resulted in many Christian being beaten and hundreds of homes burned.  The attacks in the Joseph Colony of Lahore are believed to have been started following false blasphemy charges against a young Christian man. READ CLAAS REPORT.

Thanks again for your continued prayers for Advocates around the globe who are representing people facing persecution. 


May the Lord bless and keep you in His perfect. . .


Grace and Peace,

Brent Sig
Brent McBurney


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