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January 17, 2013

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Muslim Clerics Pressure Court -
Justice Postponed Again


Dear Friends 


Thank you so much for your prayers for the ongoing troubles in Pakistan.  Below is the latest update from our colleagues at CLAAS who have been representing Mr. Younis Masih.   The court hearing that was to have taken place today was postponed, once again delaying justice for another victim of Pakistan's blasphemy laws.


Dear All,


Today on January 17, 2013 it was hearing of Younis Masih's appeal against punishment of death penalty in the High Court Lahore. CLAAS staff Mr. Asher Sarfraz (Field officer) and Mr. Ayaz Gill (Court Clerk) along with defense Lawyers Mr. Naeem Shakir Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan and Mr. Nasir Anjum Advocate High Court was present in the court. Case was fixed before the double bench 1- the Honorable Mr. Justice Sh. Najam- Ul- Hasan and 2- Mr. Justice Mehmood Maqbool Bajwa. When the case was called for hearing at about 11:30 am, there were about 20 Muslim Clerics inside the court as many of them were standing outside the court room. It was just to put a pressure on the judges because today the Lawyers were going to give the final arguments. But due to Mula's pressure the case was adjourned without hearing the arguments of the lawyers from both parties and the case was fixed for January 23, 2013 for final discussion.   

We demand justice and fair decision of the judges on merits, but we know that there is a big pressure of Muslim fanatics and Islamic groups on the judges therefore we need your moral support please write letters through your organizations and ministries to the government of Pakistan for the release of Younis Masih. He is innocent in this false blasphemy case registered against him. He has already tolerated the punishment of 8 years imprisonment, he is a heart patient, and must be released soon.


We request you please stay with us in prayers for Younis Masih and his family. We will keep you posted.


God Bless you richly,


In Christ's service,



Please pray that the Judges will not allow these efforts to keep the courts from handing down just decisions in cases like these.   


Thanks again for your continued prayers for Advocates around the globe who are representing people facing persecution. 


May the Lord bless and keep you in His perfect. . .


Grace and Peace,

Brent Sig
Brent McBurney


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