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Vol. 4, Issue 19                                                                                           October 15, 2012 
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Advocates' international prayer & praise correspondent,  Bulgarian human rights attorney Diana Daskolova  reminds all advocates to  e-mail AI Prayer Net  your Advocates International prayer requests for inclusion in the next AI Prayer Calendar.            _______________ 


The entire Advocates Africa team thanks you for your prayers.  For inclusion in the next Advocates Africa Prayer Calender.  Please send any items of prayer or praise to Alison Diarra at alisondiarra@gmail.comThank you.



Advocates Asia Prayer Calendar updates should be sent to Gregory VijayendranThank you so much. 



Association of  the Mozambican Christian Advocates (AMAC) to launch this month  
Dear Friends, 

Later this month the newest fellowship of Christian advocates will hold its first meeting in Maputo, Mozambique.  The Association of the Mozambican Christian Advocates (AMAC) is scheduled to take place on 27 October and they have asked for our prayers. 

Annet Ttendo, an Advocate from the Uganda Christian Lawyers Fellowship, recently moved to Mozambique and is studying Portuguese and taking law classes to be better equipped to serve.  She has had an up and down transition with the language learning, with some days smooth, while others are a struggle.

Annet has made contact with a number of Christian lawyers and has been meeting with Pastor Moises Quembo, General Secretary of the Baptist Convention to pray for the justice vision for Mozambique.  In addition, the AMAC board has been growing and they are walking through the complexities of official registration.

Please continue to pray with us for Annet and all of the Christian advocates in Mozambique as they bring forth this new fellowship.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and financial support for the work of Advocates.      


May the Lord bless you with His perfect . . . 


Grace and peace,
Brent Sig
Brent McBurney
President & CEO
Advocates International 
Advocates Europe Continues to Serve Across the Continent 

Latcho Popov 2 Our dear brother Latcho Popov, President of Advocates Europe (AE) and director of the Rule of Law Institute of Bulgaria (RLI), provides us with an encouraging update on a great variety of activities that Advocates are involved with across Europe.  Please continue to pray with us for all of the efforts of these advocates:

As you may recall from my previous report on Bulgaria, due to our proximity to Turkey we are experiencing an increasing influence of Islam. Today, we have ten times more mosques in Bulgaria than we had fifteen years ago. Therefore, I am encouraging local Bulgarian leaders to strengthen the deteriorating traditional Christian values in our country. An international seminar on this topic with co-workers from Bulgaria will be held next month in Sofia.


RLI and the "Bulgarian Union of Jurists" are currently working to sponsor a conference this fall that will spread public awareness on issues of corruption in the construction business. In addition, Rule of law Institute (RLI) signed a national petition of numerous Bulgarian NGOs to prevent proposed changes of the Bulgarian Law defining the rights of the children. The goal of the petition is to prevent the proposed decrease of parental rights in matters of child rearing (including instilling religious values), and to avoid the effects of a similar law that was passed recently in Germany.  


In Belarus, our lawyers are very active in religious liberty and held several rule of law conferences. They have monthly prayer meetings and gatherings.


In Germany, our corporate member "Christ und Jurist" was very active during the last years and gladly joined AE. Their representative will be one of our new Board members. Their goal is to encourage love, understanding, and Christian ethics through the workings of their groups in Germany. Like RLI in Bulgaria, our German colleagues started as law-students and have now grown to be specialists in the law.

One of our German members is active in human rights in the educational area. He reports that German authorities deny the internationally accepted standards for homeschooling and do not permit students to be exempt from certain school lessons such as sexual education or theatre performances. Threatened by civil penalties and withdrawal of parental custody, some parents were compelled to expose their children to public education principles with which they disagree. Some concerned families had to flee the country in order to avoid the withdrawal of their care and custody rights.


In Romania, our coordinator Beniamin Lup and his group are very active in defending church property rights, and advocating on behalf of victims of abuse and human trafficking. They write bills to prevent corruption, human trafficking, and preserve the life of unborn children. They also provide free consultations in labor law cases.


In October, AE will be represented at the Christian Legal Society-US and AI-US conference in Colorado Springs. Our AE delegation includes: Dusan Kostic from Serbia, Michael Sookias from the UK, and Latchezar Popov from Bulgaria. We expect our delegation to encourage our CLS colleagues.


I asked our Board member Nicolas Duval to visit Ukraine-Kiev in November, and speak/encourage the Association of Ukrainian Christian lawyers during their annual conference. The Ukrainian group is very active, and their last Board meeting focused on religious liberty and the rule of law in Ukraine.


These are just a few of the exciting things that Advocates Europe has been involved with this past summer and this fall.  We are also encouraged by report on the planning of the 11th Annual European Religious Liberty Forum set to take place in Istanbul in March 2013,  as well as the first Spanish Christian Lawyers conference to take place in Seville, also in March 2013, and led by Eliseo Gomez.

Thanks for your prayers for these advocates who face continued scrutiny and ridicule in a very "Post-Christian" continent.

Advocates International & Campus Crusade for Christ International
to co-host joint conference in Hong Kong in April 2013 
Please be sure to Save the Date for this joint conference, "Transforming the World Through Faith & Law," which will be held in Hong Kong in April 2013.  

We are already working hard on details related to this conference and will provide more information on speakers, location, registration costs and attendance limitations as they become available.  Because of the limited size of this conference, those interested in attending will need to contact their regional boards or the AI headquarters office.

Thank You for Your Financial Support

        AI is not a recipient of government funding and is solely dependent upon the financial contributions of those who believe in its mission, thereby enabling it to serve "clients" ranging from heads of state seeking to implement constitutional reforms to persecuted and imprisoned believers sentenced to death for their faith. We are most grateful and thank you for whatever financial support or voluntary service you can provide in support of AI's mission. Here's how you can help: (more)