Spring Groups for Children and Parents
at the Phoenix Center

Dear friends of the Phoenix Center,


Beginning this month, the Phoenix Center will offer new and ongoing free of cost groups for children and parents.  In addition to our quarterly parenting classes, we will begin offering a new drop-in parenting support group.  In this drop-in group, parents and guardians can "drop-in" and begin attending at anytime.  We are excited that parents in need of weekly support will no longer have to wait for our next parenting class to begin.  The drop-in parenting group is especially designed for a parent/guardian with a current challenge, for those waiting for a parenting class to begin, as well as for any parent/guardian in need of support.  The group is also a great fit for parents who have children with challenging behavior or an identified mental health need.  Please see the information below for more information about start times and dates for all new and ongoing groups. 


Sign-up also begins this month for Camp Phoenix - our innovative therapeutic summer camp program.  Parents and children from previous groups and camps have provided very positive feedback about their experiences at the Phoenix Center & Camp Phoenix.   

To learn more, or register, please call the Phoenix Center at 830.637.7848 or email info@supportcampphoenix.org.  Please also feel free to share the information below with others who may be interested.     


Groups & Classes for Parents


Drop-In Parenting Group - Every Tuesday 12:00 - 1:00

Parents and guardians can "drop-in" and attend this ongoing parenting group held at the Phoenix Center every Tuesday (12:00 - 1:00) beginning February 19 through the end of May 2013.  No appointment is necessary.  The Drop-in Parenting Group is especially designed for a parent/guardian with a current challenge, for those waiting for a parenting class to begin, as well as for any parent/guardian currently in need of support.  The group is also a great fit for parents who have children with challenging behaviors or an identified mental health need.  The group will be facilitated by a licensed therapist with experience teaching parenting classes and providing therapy services to children and families.   Please call the Phoenix Center at 830.637.7848 or email info@supportcampphoenix.org for more information.  We're also happy to email you a brochure about the group.


Spring Parenting Class - Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPR-T)


Our parenting classes utilize the Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPR-T) curriculum.  CPR-T views a strong parent-child relationship as the foundation for children's future success. However, the demands of parenting often leave parents frustrated, out of control, and with little time to focus on the quality of the relationship.


CPR-T, also called Filial Therapy, is a research-based, 10-week parenting course that teaches parents of 3 - 9 year olds how to use some of the same skills play therapists use to help children experiencing social, emotional, or behavioral problems. Research shows that motivated parents can be as effective as a professional in helping their child. Parents learn how to regain control as a parent, help children develop self-control, effectively discipline and limit inappropriate behavior, understand children's emotional needs, and communicate more effectively. This play-based approach not only helps parents learn to manage their children's behavior successfully, it also provides parents with the keys to enhancing and strengthening the parent-child bond in order to have more fun with their children.


CPR-T at the Phoenix Center

The Phoenix Center will offer a coinciding art class for the children of parents/guardians who are attending the parenting group (free of cost childcare) and provide a free of cost dinner for the entire family. The CPR-T group is free of cost and begins on Feb. 21, 2013, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.; the group will meet every Thursday evening for 10 weeks.  If you are interested in attending, or volunteering to help with meals or childcare, please contact Lindsey Humphrey, LMSW at Lindseykhumphrey@yahoo.com or call the Phoenix Center at 830.637.7848.    


card-butterflyGroups & Camps for Children 


Therapeutic After School Groups

Our therapeutic after school groups are especially designed to support children with emotional and behavioral challenges.  Children learn self-regulation, relaxation and stress and anger management skills.   In our yoga/wellness group, children learn deep breathing and relaxation skills, as well as how to use these skills at home and school to manage anxiety, anger and other challenging emotions. 


Our yoga/wellness curriculum is designed for children with special needs.  Yoga, deep breathing and relaxation skills are a part of our therapeutic programs because research shows that these methods decrease symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).  In one study, visible changes indicating decreased symptoms of anxiety and depression were shown on MRI scans of the brain.  V.A. Hospitals across the country are beginning to utilize yoga, deep breathing and mindfulness groups with veterans with PTSD.  At the Phoenix Center, children with PTSD, and those with challenges with anger, anxiety and emotional regulation, are also benefiting from learning deep breathing and relaxation techniques.  Children in our programs report using these techniques at home and school to "feel better."  


Our after school groups also feature art therapy because art is a natural way that children express their thoughts and feelings.  Art therapy is used in children's hospitals and mental health treatment across the U.S. and internationally.  Therapists often utilize art materials in mental health treatment when working with children.  For example, a five year-old child may be developmentally unable to express what she is thinking and feeling using words, but she can readily express a traumatic event, and her thoughts and feelings, using art materials.  Art is a powerful and natural way for children to express their thoughts, feelings and life experiences.


When a child attends a therapeutic group at the Phoenix Center, he or she will feel a true sense of belonging and will be seen and recognized for their strengths and abilities.  In the words of one child currently attending our programs "[Phoenix Center] is my safe place."


To register for our therapeutic after school groups held at the Phoenix Center on Mondays and Wednesdays, or for more information, please call the Center at 830.637.7848 or email info@supportcampphoenix.org


Therapeutic Camps - CAMP PHOENIX


Sign-up now for Camp Phoenix - our therapeutic summer camp program!  Therapeutic day and overnight camp sessions will be held at Candlelight Ranch.   Camp Phoenix utilizes our own innovative therapeutic curriculum which includes equine therapy.  Our camp curriculum is specifically designed for children with mental health needs, including survivors of abuse and trauma.   Each therapeutic overnight camp is staffed solely by licensed mental health professionals and Interns who are masters level graduate social work and counseling students from U.T. Austin and Texas State University.  Overnight camps all have a 2:1 child to adult ratio.  To learn more, or register, please call the Phoenix Center at 830.637.7848 or email info@supportcampphoenix.org


Please feel free to share the group and camp information with others who may be interested.  Groups, parenting classes and camps all fill quickly; please contact us as soon as possible to ensure space is available.   You can also connect with us and receive camp & program updates on Facebook.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Save the Dates
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Feb. 20 - Chili's Give Back Night
to Benefit Phoenix Center
Mark your calendar for Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013! The Phoenix Center will receive 10% of all sales from 1:00 - 11:00p.m. at Chili's, 702 1st Street in Marble Falls.  Food and drinks are included in this fundraiser.  Relax on Chili's outdoor deck after work and enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Marble Falls.
In order for the Phoenix Center to receive 10% of your purchase amount, please mention the Phoenix Center fundraiser to your server.  Thank you in advance for stopping by Chili's on the 20th to show your support!


April 6, 2013 -Rockin' the Ages Gala


7 - 11p.m. at Quail Point Lodge in Horseshoe Bay, Texas 

 The theme of the 2013 Gala to benefit the Phoenix Center is

Rockin' the Ages 

Have fun dressing in attire inspired by your favorite rock band

or your favorite decade!

Music by Rotel & the Hot Tomatoes!


"The Phoenix Center has been such a blessing to us!" 

~parent of a child

currently receiving counseling services





"The Phoenix Center is my SAFE PLACE." ~ S, age 12


Wish List 


Ways You Can Help


$25 pays for 1 week of healthy snacks for all children in our after-school programs
$50 pays for 5 new yoga mats
$100 pays for one therapy session for 1 child
$200 pays for a day-long therapeutic camp session for 1 child
$450 pays for a weekend therapeutic camp session for 1 child
$1,000 provides 10 individual counseling sessions - psychotherapy and play therapy for young children 


To help fund a need above, please click here.  Your tax deductible donation in any amount is needed and greatly appreciated.  Thank you for partnering with us to ensure that our services remain available to children and families in need.  If you have donated recently, we appreciate your continued and generous support. 

Thank you.


For more information about our wish list items, please call Sarah at 830.613.7230.



To believe in a child is to believe in the future. 

 Supply the children with the tools 

and knowledge to overcome their obstacles. 

 Impact in each child the desire to fulfill his or her dream.

 ~Henry James





 Who We Are         

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Our Services

Phoenix Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to meeting the need for high-quality mental health care in rural Central Texas.    


Our services include:

  • Phoenix Counseling Services: Individual and Group Psychotherapy for children, parents & families; Play Therapy for young children; Trauma-Informed Care; Child Parent Relationship Therapy & Parenting Classes;
  • Phoenix After School: Therapeutic after-school programs, art therapy and yoga to teach kids relaxation and stress and anger management skills;
  • Camp Phoenix: Therapeutic camp sessions at Candlelight Ranch, including equine therapy, adventure/wilderness therapy, art therapy and yoga/wellness programs - our own innovative therapeutic camp curricumum

Who is a Phoenix Center Child?

Children and teens ages 3 - 18 with an identified mental health need, including survivors of abuse and trauma.  The children we serve are often uninsured, underinsured or are otherwise unable to access high-quality mental health services.  


Our Collaborating Agencies include:  CASA for the Highland Lakes Area, Hill Country Children's Advocacy Center, Highland Lakes Family Crisis Center and the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Highland Lakes.  In addition, youth are referred to our programs by public school counselors and families.


Our Staff include licensed mental health professionals, graduate student counseling and social work Interns from the UT Austin School of Social Work and Texas State University, and registered yoga teachers. 


Our Board members are J. Allan Garrett, Terry Gulden, Harry Born, Lindsay Plante, Patti McCormick, Molly Biglari, Elizabeth Turner & Courtney Bowen.

Phoenix Center
Sarah Rosen Garrett, LCSW
Founder, Executive Director
Post Office Box 732
Marble Falls, Texas 78654
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The Phoenix Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to meeting the need for high-quality, affordable mental health care for children and families in rural Central Texas.