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July 2014

6 (interesting) links that can change how you network

Networking is an important part of planning for your future. The relationships you make now can last for years and will help you throughout your career. Here are six resources that can give you an edge when building your network. 
  1. Check out the Help Me, Help You Dinner movement. Find people in your area through LinkedIn connections or other networks, set up dinner plans and share/get advice over a meal.
  2. offers four tips for the networking-phobic, including "don't network, catalyze" and "spur yourself with the layoff test."
  3. ASDA's Networking 101 webpage has advice for starting a conversation and meeting other dentists.
  4. Find out how small talk leads to big talk in "Take Your Small Talk to the Next Level" from The Huffington Post.
  5. says arrive early, ditch the sales pitch and more in "7 Tips for Networking."
  6. Watch the Networking Playlist on ASDA's YouTube channel. Topics include how to master that awkward handshake and how to join a conversation.
Member and faculty spotlight 
Meet this month's student and faculty member to learn their unique hobbies, reasons for pursuing dentistry and more. Click here for their full profiles.

Devin Daniels

Utah '17, co-delegate 

Plans after graduation: Try out this dating thing I've been hearing so much about and maybe do a little crime fighting on the side.


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Jim Burns
Chairman, Oral Diagnostic Sciences, and 

Associate Dean, Clinical Education, VCU


What made you pursue a career in dentistry? The influence of some wonderful undergraduate and dental school faculty lead me to a most pleasant career in academic dentistry.


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Leadership & business training in Chicago, register for NLC by Aug. 25      

ASDA members are invited to ASDA's
National Leadership Conference (you do not need to be a chapter or national leader to attend). Choose from 30+ educational sessions that will help you reach your leadership potential. Dental students: register through group registration with your chapter or individually. Predentals: register for the full meeting or just a day. Save $25 when you register by Aug. 25 via the chapter portal on Contact Erin Kato if you need your login.


When asked, "How will you use what you learned at NLC," past attendees said:

  • "Better plan for the future. Now I have a greater understanding of what to expect after graduation."
  • "Connect and communicate with other ASDA members and get more involved on my own campus."
  • "Now I know how to motivate my team to get the best out of them."
  • "The sessions gave me so much information about how I can transition from a student to a professional, which I am definitely going to implement into my life."
  • "I will use all of my office and patient management skills in the real world when working with staff and patients."
  • "I will use it to help me become a national leader and a better future dental practitioner."
  • "I'm so excited to present new ideas to my chapter!"
  • "I will use it for applying to get into dental school."

Summer Mouth: How to open a dental practice

The summer issue of Mouth has the ins and outs of beginning a practice from handling financials and engaging patients, to choosing equipment and office décor. There's even a practice timeline to guide graduates through the many decisions in building their business. If opening a practice right out of dental school isn't the right choice, learn how to become a dental associate.

Past issues of Mouth and ASDA News are also available online.
$5,000 scholarship from Dental Trade Alliance

This scholarship recognizes up to nine third- or fourth-year dental students who have demonstrated academic excellence in dentistry, financial need and a commitment to community service. Each dental school dean may submit one student application by Sept. 3. This scholarship is to be applied towards the student's tuition. Click here for more information.

ADEA scholarship and award applications due Nov. 1  

ADEA will begin accepting applications for the 2015 scholarships and awards cycle on Aug. 1 (applications are due Nov. 1). The ADEA/Crest Oral-B Scholarships for Predoctoral Dental Students Pursuing Academic Careers and ADEA Preventive Dentistry Scholarships are among those offered to dental students  

Attend ADA 2014 - America's dental meeting for free  



Attend ADA 2014 in San Antonio, October 9-14, and find valuable skills and ideas that will help you prepare for your career. 

Dental students receive free registration for the ADA annual meeting. Advance registration is strongly encouraged as courses fill up fast. Register today at and download a preliminary program.
We will be offering additional networking opportunities for students at the meeting. If you have suggestions or ideas, send them to

ADA-sponsored no-cost life and disability insurance 


There are three ways it pays to take advantage of ADA-sponsored student members insurance: debt protection, loan collateral and protecting your insurability. The ADA provides you with life and disability insurance at no cost as a benefit of your ADA student membership.  


Your ADA-sponsored student insurance includes:

  • $50,000 of term life insurance
  • $50,000 accidental death insurance
  • $2,000/month disability income Insurance
  • Up to $150,000 to repay student loans

After graduation, you can convert your ADA-sponsored student members insurance to coverage for practicing ADA member dentists simply by maintaining membership and paying low, member-only premiums.


Beginning in 2014, eligible ASDA and ADA student members automatically receive the no-cost ADA-sponsored Student Members Life and Disability Insurance as a member benefit. For more information, including eligibility, auto-enrollment details and the option to decline coverage, click here.


Visit ADA Members Insurance Plans, call 855-411-5197 or e-mail for more information.


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