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May 2014
6 simple ways... to find your calling

You know you want to be a dentist, but you probably haven't planned the next 30 years of your professional life. Get one step closer to finding your calling with these helpful tips.

  1. Ask yourself some questions: What am I here to learn? What can I overcome? What can I teach? Reflection can help you identify your real goals.  

  2. Follow your dream (not someone else's). Just because your parent/friend/professor decided to take a certain path doesn't mean you should. Do what makes you the happiest and most fulfilled.

  3. Just say "yes."
    Be open to new opportunities, especially to those that intrigue you. Take people up on their invitations and you may find it opens new doors. 
  4. Get off track. Plans are important, but life can throw you a curve ball. It's OK to change your mind no matter how deep you're in. As time passes, you might discover new interests and passions. Think of how much you've changed since you've graduated high school!   
  5. Spend the time now so you don't spend the money later. Don't sink your savings into anything before you're positive that you want to pursue it. Find ASDA alumni, family, friends or colleagues who have traveled the path you're headed down. Ask what they really think of their choice.

  6. Focus on becoming well rounded. Don't be "the best" at just one thing. Create a mash-up of several things you do really well and set yourself apart. You'll feel happier when you're confident and enjoy more than one task.
Member and faculty spotlight 
Meet this month's student and faculty member to learn their unique hobbies, reasons for pursuing dentistry and more. Click here for their full profiles.

Greg Farris

Iowa '16


Unique interest: I can hear a few seconds of just about any movie and tell you who is in it and the name of the movie.




Dr. Lawrence E. Wolinsky         

Dean, Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry


What made you pursue a career in dentistry? The nature of dentistry combines art and science.

Your new national leaders (and what they do for you)  

Last month, 40+ ASDA national leaders met in Chicago for training and to dive into association business. Get to know who's working on your behalf and what they'll be doing this year. Watch this brief video from your current executive committee:   


If you've got an idea for a project or initiative, reach out to the council or work group chair. They'd love to hear from you!

  1. Council on Advocacy 
  2. Council on Communications 
  3. Council on Membership 
  4. Council on Professional Issues 
  5. Council on Sessions
  6. Editorial Board
  7. Governance Work Group
  8. Leadership Development Work Group


Ryan Turner Memorial Scholarship application due July 1

Ryan Turner was a fourth year dental student at the University of Michigan and a former board member when he passed away suddenly in 2007. ASDA remembers Ryan Turner and his dedication to organized dentistry through an annual memorial scholarship. The recipient will be chosen by the board of trustees and will receive $2,500, along with travel expenses to accept the award at the 2014 National Leadership Conference. The recipient's chapter will also receive $500. To apply, submit the following via e-mail to by July 1.

  1. Application 
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. One letter of recommendation (from a professor, administrator or ASDA member)
Student ethics video contest deadline July 31

The ADA Council on Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs is accepting entries for the 2014 Student Ethics Video Contest. View the 2013 grand prize winner "Implanting Greed" from Houston and honorable mention "Gray Areas" from North Carolina.  

2015 AADSAS cycle opens June 2

On Monday, the 2015 ADEA AADSAS application cycle will begin. AADSAS is a standardized application format that prospective dental students can fill out to instead of completing applications for multiple schools. Visit the AADSAS tips webpage to read eight ways to make your application stand out.

ASDA remembers Past President Jiwon Lee

Jiwon Lee On May 4, ASDA learned of the passing of Immediate Past President Jiwon Lee. She was a fourth year dental student at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine and 29 years old. Lee served ASDA as the 2013-14 president and made a significant impact on the organization and the volunteers she worked with. In this blog post, her colleagues remember the time they spent working by her side.

Free ADA Dues for the Class of 2014

New dental school graduates can become a dentist member of the American Dental Association for $0. Fill out an application and send it to the state where you'll be practicing or e-mail it to the ADA.


If you've filled out an ADA membership application at your school's Signing Day or other event, send your license number and state of licensure to to complete your record. Join the ADA as a graduate student member at $30 and maintain your eligibility for the Reduced Dues Program.

Benefit of the month: malpractice insurance  


As an ASDA member, you receive exclusive discounts with Medical Protective, the nation's leader in dental malpractice insurance.


What we offer:

  • Occurrence and claims-made coverage as low as $50 (ASDA member benefit)
  • Pure consent to settle: no claim will be settled without the dentist's consent
  • Unmatched financial strength and stability from a company defending dentists since 1899

Contact your MedPro dental team for more details.

800-463-3776 x 3536 


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