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March 2014

Share your knowledge at post-Annual Session events

Annual Session 2014 welcomed nearly 500 dental students from 63 U.S. dental schools (and more than 10 predentals). Share what you learned with your members by repurposing the presentations from onsite during your chapter meetings. Didn't make it to Annual Session? View the event photos


Welcome ASDA's 2014-15 Board of Trustees

ASDA elected its new executive committee and board of trustees at Annual Session. These leaders serve a one-year term that ends at Annual Session 2015 in Boston. Want to get in touch with your trustee or the executive committee? Click here.


President: Kristopher Mendoza, Los Angeles '15

Vice President: Daryn Lu, Oklahoma '15

Vice President: Jason Watts, Nova '15

Speaker of the House: Niveditha Rajagopalan, Midwestern-Illinois '16

Editor-in-Chief: Christian Piers, Colorado '16

Immediate Past President: Jiwon Lee, Columbia '14

Executive Director: Nancy Honeycutt, CAE

District 1 Trustee: Helen Yang, Harvard '16

District 2 Trustee: Gregory Shank, Stony Brook '16

District 3 Trustee: Ricardo Fontoura, Temple '16

District 4 Trustee: Jeremy Jordan, Virginia '15

District 5 Trustee: Stephanie Mazariegos, LECOM '16

District 6 Trustee: Graham Greenland, Detroit-Mercy '15

District 7 Trustee: Kyle Kirk, Kentucky '16

District 8 Trustee: Lauren Reed, Creighton '16

District 9 Trustee: Christopher Thorburn, Houston '16

District 10 Trustee: Emily Hobart, Midwestern-Arizona '15

District 11 Trustee: Yige Zhao, Pacific '15

ASDA's 2014 Gold Crown Award winners



ASDA held the annual Gold Crown Award Ceremony during Annual Session. Nearly 500 students representing each of ASDA's chapters walked the red carpet in anticipation of hearing this year's winners.

Delegates of the Year
  • District 1: Danielle Fernandez, Boston '14
  • District 2: Jenn Lonnen, Stony Brook '15
  • District 3: Mike Saba, Temple '14
  • District 4: Matthew Corbin, North Carolina '15
  • District 5 and National Delegate of the Year: Jenna Weldon-Pascoli, LECOM '16
  • District 6: Graham Greenland, Detroit-Mercy '15
  • District 7: James Kolstad, Marquette '15
  • District 8: Stephanie Zastrow, Minnesota '15
  • District 9: Katie Sowa, Houston '15
  • District 10: Khealynn Harris, Roseman '15
  • District 11: David Lindsey, Los Angeles '15

Gold Crown Awards for Media

  • Best Website in Competition: Los Angeles
  • Best Newsletter in Competition: Los Angeles
  • Quality of Website Information: Indiana
  • Website Design & Usability: Oklahoma
  • Quality of Newsletter Information: Boston
  • Newsletter Design & Layout: Oklahoma
  • Most Improved Newsletter: Ohio
  • Excellence in Social Media: Los Angeles
  • Outstanding News Article: "New legislative measures in cleft lip and palate insurance coverage" by Jordan Janis, Arizona '16
  • Outstanding Feature Article: "Fighting cancer in dental school" by Josh Nardone, Colorado '14

Gold Crown Awards for Chapter Achievements

  • Ideal ASDA Chapter: Marquette
  • Most Improved Chapter: San Francisco
  • Rookie Chapter of the Year: Roseman
  • Outstanding Membership and Communication: Oklahoma
  • Outstanding Fundraising: Pacific
  • Outstanding Activities: Boston
  • Outstanding Organized Dentistry: Minnesota
  • Outstanding Predental Involvement: Los Angeles
  • Outstanding Ethical Awareness: Houston
  • Most Creative Presentation: Los Angeles
  • Implementation of Automatic Billing System: Roseman
  • Highest Market Share at a Recruited Chapter: Oklahoma

ASDA/Crest Oral-B Community Dentistry Awards

  • First Place: Midwestern-Arizona
  • Second Place: Arizona
  • Third Place: Marquette

Predental Recruitment Incentive

  • First Place: North Carolina
  • Second Place: Los Angeles
  • Third Place: Ohio

First ASDA Predental Week was a success

ASDA held its first National Predental Week the week of Feb. 16-22. Thank you to all of the chapters that participated and made the inaugural event a success! Below are a few highlights:

  • Predental membership increased by 263 members during this week from 918 to 1,181 (predental membership typically increases 40-200 per month)
  • 46 ASDA chapters participated in the predental incentive program, up from 40 last year. 645 predental members were recruited directly by our chapters.
  • 327 students signed up for our first webinar and 146 students participated. Feel free to link to the recorded webinar from your chapter's website.  
  • 29 photos from chapters and predental clubs were entered into the Instagram contest.

Educate your members about licensure

ASDA's 2013-14 Council on Education & Licensure developed a resource to educate members about an important topic often left out of dental school curriculum: how to get your dental license. "A Guide to Getting Your Dental License" features commentary by Dr. Adam Shisler, 2011-12 ASDA president. Please consider sharing this resource with your ASDA chapter. Here are some suggestions to do so:

  • E-mail the presentation link to your classmates
  • Post the presentation link to your chapter website
  • Post the presentation link to your chapter's or District's social media
  • Organize a "Licensure Lunch & Learn"
    • Play the presentation
    • Invite a speaker to hold a licensure Q&A afterwards
    • Reach out to your state dental board with questions
    • Develop a guide with specific instructions for the licensure process in your state

Visit ASDA's website atASDAnet.org/licensure for further information and licensure-related resources.

Nominations for Awards of Advocacy due April 11

Celebrate a faculty or school administrator who has shown a commitment to dental students and organized dentistry. We encourage your chapter to select one award recipient to receive the award. There are no restrictions on the same individual winning an award in consecutive years. Please coordinate the review of all nominations prior to sending a final selection to ASDA central office. Complete this nomination form and return it to Erin Kato, member relations specialist, at Erin@ASDAnet.org by April 11. To be eligible for the award, all nominees should:
  • Support efforts of the local ASDA chapter
  • Demonstrate a long-term commitment to organized dentistry
  • Provide leadership and direction for ASDA chapter leaders and members
  • Promote the ideals of organized dentistry
  • Motivate new members within the school
  • Maintain a membership in the ADA, if eligible.

Set up Congressional appointments for Lobby Day 

National Dental Student Lobby Day is April 7-8 in Washington, D.C. Your chapter should be finalizing their congressional appointments before Monday, March 31. Find your legislators' contact information at www.house.gov or www.senate.gov and call them to schedule an appointment. For more information and instructions, visit the  Lobby Day Appointments page. All appointments should take place on Tuesday, April 8 after 9:30 a.m. and should be entered in the online schedule by March 31.

Transition of chapter leadership

ASDA created a guide to assist chapters in transitioning their leadership. The guide includes a checklist to follow to ensure that all information and materials are passed down to the incoming leaders. Sample reports and calendars are also available for reference.


Don't forget to notify Erin Kato at Erin@ASDAnet.org when your leaders change. 

Sharpen your leadership skills at the ADA New Dentist Conference      

The 28th ADA New Dentist Conference, taking place in Kansas City, Mo. July 17-19, 2014, provides you with tools and resources to help you build your network and get a jump on future success. The three-day conference includes a full day of leadership programming on July 17.


While the conference offers something for everyone, the focus is on dental students and new dentists -those out of dental school ten years or less. Leadership programming includes the keynote Dentistry at a Crossroads and Hot Topics in the Round where attendees have the opportunity to discuss issues with members of both the ADA Board of Trustees and New Dentist Committee.

Membership FAQs

When will I receive my membership card and number?
You can find your ASDA/ADA membership number in your profile by logging into your account on ASDAnet.org, clicking View My Account and then Manage Account. ASDA also mails out membership information, including your membership number, at the end of each month for all remittances processed during the month. ADA then mails the membership card to these members.


When will I start receiving publications?

Members start receiving their publications after their chapters' remittances were received and processed. Publications can also be accessed online. Be sure to update your address in your member profile if you aren't receiving your publications.


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