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February 2014
6 simple ways... to avoid burn out in dental school

Wait, its only February? I have how many months until break/graduation? Don't let the winter blues and late-night study fests bring you down. Here are six simple ways to avoid getting burnt out in dental school.

  1. Find a new hobby. Look for a creative outlet that uses an entirely different skill than what's needed as a dentist. It will give you a break from the day-to-day work you're doing in clinic. This list of 100 cheap hobbies may inspire you.

  2. Make time to see friends and family. Human connections and a change of environment can help you get out of any rut.

  3. Laugh. Head to a comedy club or watch a funny movie. Laughter can reduce stress (they don't call it the "best medicine" for nothing).

  4. Get away (even if only for a day). Whether it's a day-trip to a local museum, a weekend spent hiking or a mini-vacation to a different city, get away from your dental school. You'll come back relaxed, focused and energized.

  5. Ask for help. Don't let the world rest on your shoulders. Ask for help and you'll be on your way to avoiding the gloom and doom associated with burnout.

  6. Start a "fun" ritual. Make a promise to yourself to do something you love every day. This article from shares habits that can make you the happiest you've ever been.
Member and faculty spotlight 
Meet this month's student and faculty member to learn their unique hobbies, reasons for pursuing dentistry and more. For their full profiles, click here.

Carlie Mae Brown
Oklahoma '15,chapter legislative liaison

Plans after graduation: I see myself teaching in some capacity. I was a high school physics and earth science teacher for four years before dental school. I could see myself teaching in the classroom or clinic, doing research and having a part-time practice. I would like to be in private practice for a few years before pursuing a career in academics.

Leo E. Rouse, DDS, FACD    

Dean, Howard University  


Last good book you read: "The Carolina Way, Leadership Lessons from a Life in Coaching" by Dean Smith



Resolutions to be voted on at Annual Session

Resolutions were submitted by ASDA members for consideration by the 2014 House of Delegates and were reviewed by the board of trustees. Members are invited to review the resolutions that will be discussed at Annual Session, Feb. 26 - March 1 in Anaheim, Calif. Revisions to policies or standing rules will be shared with members in an upcoming issue of Word of Mouth. 

Participate in ASDA's communications survey

ASDA is conducting an important study to find out if we are providing you with timely and relevant communications regarding the issues impacting you. This study will help us fully understand your needs and expectations of ASDA so that we can better serve you. All members should have received an e-mail invitation last week to participate in a survey from Avenue M Group, LLC, an independent market research firm and our partner for this study. Please complete the survey by March 5. In appreciation for your time, you will have an opportunity at the end of the survey to enter into a drawing to win one of two $150 MasterCard gift certificates. 
National Dental Student Lobby Day, April 7-8 in Washington, D.C. 

Register for National Dental Student Lobby Day by March 10. Get involved in advocacy and learn about what issues are important to ASDA and the profession. You'll also have dedicated time to meet with members of Congress and their staff. Download the Lobby Day 2014 agenda.  

Resources to help you through dental school 

Are you aware of all of the resources you could be getting from ASDA? If you aren't receiving these, please update your member profile on We may be missing an updated e-mail or mailing address and we'd like to make sure you're getting the most out of your membership.

Applications for 2014 Paul Ambrose Scholars Program due Feb. 27 

The Association for Prevention Teaching and Research is accepting applications from health professions students to attend the program. Mini-grant funds will send the selected students to a leadership symposium in Washington, D.C., and to implement a Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicators project within their community or academic institution. Ask questions or register online.

NHSC opens Loan Repayment Program application cycle 

Apply by March 20 to support the communities with the greatest need and repay your student loan debt. Two full-time years with NHSC can cover $50,000 of your bill. In 2013 the program gave 4,505 awards totaling $169.7 million. Plan to apply in your final year of dental school. 

Nominate faculty for a Golden Apple by April 1

The ADA's Golden Apple Awards (GAA) program is an opportunity to recognize its leaders, members and staff. The "Inspiring Careers in Dental Education" award is given annually to one faculty member who is an outstanding mentor whose work interests dental students and/or junior faculty in academic careers. The recipient receives the GAA trophy and support from the ADA Council on Dental Education and Licensure to attend the ADA's 2014 Annual Session. For additional information about the award visit Entries should be sent to Ms. Esperanza Gonzalez at

Sign in to for resources

The ADA unrolled a new single sign-on feature that allows members to navigate through all ADA websites without having to continually log on. ADA student members can choose their own login IDs using their ADA member number or unique e-mail address. Direct questions to

ADA-sponsored No-cost Student Members Life and Disability Insurance


There are three ways it pays to take advantage of ADA-sponsored student members insurance: debt protection, loan collateral, and protecting your insurability. The ADA provides you with life and disability insurance at no cost as a benefit of your ADA student membership.


Your ADA-sponsored student insurance-a member benefit-includes: 

  • $50,000 of Term Life insurance
  • $50,000 Accidental Death insurance
  • $2,000/month Disability Income Insurance
  • Up to $150,000 to repay student loans

After graduation, you can convert your ADA-sponsored student members insurance to coverage for practicing ADA member dentists simply by maintaining membership and paying low, member-only premiums.


Beginning in 2014, eligible ASDA and ADA student members automatically receive the no-cost ADA-sponsored Student Members Life and Disability Insurance as a member benefit. For more information, including eligibility, auto-enrollment details and the option to decline coverage, click here.


Visit ADA Members Insurance Plans, call 855-411-5197, or e-mail for more information.  


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