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September 2013

Start prepping for the Gold Crown Awards 

Gold Crown Award applications for chapter achievements and media are due Jan. 31, 2014. Now is the time to make sure your chapter is award worthy! If you haven't already assigned someone at your school to manage the process (who is not a national leader), it is recommended you do so. He or she can review the winning applications from previous years online  to make sure you're on the right path. Applications for 2014 will be posted in October. Awards will be presented at Annual Session, Feb. 26-March 1 at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, Calif.

Dec. 16 deadline for membership incentives  

ASDA will begin using a new member database this fall. The transition will postpone remittance and membership processing until October. Training sessions on the new online chapter portal will be given in October. Dates will be emailed to all chapters.


The incentive programs for membership remittance and predental recruitment will continue. Chapters who utilize our new system to process members and submit payment in full by Dec. 16 will receive $100. Cash awards for predental recruitment will be given at Annual Session 2014 in Anaheim. Chapters can begin recruiting predentals from now until Feb. 21. Contact Erin Kato at Erin@ASDAnet.org with any questions.

Share ASDA resources with your chapter for a chance to win $100

Based on the goals and strategies outlined in ASDA's 2013-15 Strategic Plan, we've identified 10 web pages on ASDAnet.org as key resources to share with members. For each link you add to your chapter website by Sept. 30, you will be entered into a drawing to receive one of two $100 gift cards. The more links you add, the better your chances of winning (up to 10 chances to win). To be considered, tie the links into your existing website content or use the links to create a "plug" for these webpages. You will be disqualified if you drop all of these links onto one page called "ASDA links." You can still get credit for links that were live before this promotion (such as the benefits page). 

  1. www.ASDAnet.org/advocate 
  2. Www.ASDAnet.org/Engage 
  3. www.ASDAnet.org/licensure 
  4. www.ASDAnet.org/state-associations
    (link to this page or find your state association and link to that directly - either will count)
  5. www.ASDAnet.org/paying-for-dental-school.aspx
  6. www.ASDAnet.org/predental
  7. www.ASDAnet.org/benefits
  8. www.ASDAnet.org/leadership
  9. www.ASDAnet.org/networking
  10. www.youtube.com/asdanet

To enter: E-mail Cheryl@ASDAnet.org by Sept. 30 with a list of links to pages on your chapter's website that feature the above content. Winners will be selected at random on Oct. 1.  

Oct. 1 deadline approaching for NLC registration


Register attendees for ASDA's National Leadership Conference by Oct. 1 to avoid a late fee. More than 230 dental students are already registered. If you lost your chapter login or have registration/travel questions, e-mail Meghan Keelean at Meghan@ASDAnet.org.

Back again: FREE personal CV review at ASDA's booth during the exhibit fair on Friday, Nov. 15. Bring a hard copy with you to NLC - new dentists will be there to provide feedback to help you land your dream job! Don't have one yet? Bring your questions and a list of recent accomplishments to discuss.

Students participate in a session at NLC 2012 in Chicago

ASDA reaches 89% market share in 2013

Aug. 31 ended the 2013 membership year with 20,832 members, including 19,622 predoctoral,1,172 predental and 38 international dental student members. ASDA has exceeded our strategic goal reaching 89 percent market share. This total exceeds the membership numbers from 2012 by 1,070 members. You can download a list of your chapter's members using the Membership Directory. This list provides members' ASDA membership number and e-mail address on file. If you have any questions regarding your chapter's membership totals, contact Erin Kato, member relations specialist, at Erin@ASDAnet.org.

The ASDA Perspective at the ADA

Every ADA council and commission includes an ASDA representative who shares the student perspective within the governance structure of the ADA. These 2013-14 ASDA representatives begin their appointments in November following the ADA Annual Session. Congratulations! 

  • New Dentist Committee
    Jenna Hatfield-Waite, Nebraska '14
  • Council on ADA Sessions
    Onika Patel, Arizona '14, ASDA District 10 trustee
  • Council on Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations
    Lauren Vitkus, Buffalo '14, ASDA District 2 trustee
  • Council on Communications
    Lia Kalliath, Alabama '14, chair, ASDA Council on Communications
  • Council on Dental Benefit Programs
    Seth Brooks, Oklahoma '14, chair, ASDA Council on Advocacy  
  • Council on Dental Education and Licensure
    Tyler Rumple,Washington '14, ASDA vice president
  • Council on Dental Practice
    Martin Smallidge, Pittsburgh '14, ASDA vice president
  • Council on Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs
    Hallee Hyatt, Washington '15
  • Council on Government Affairs
    Alena Reich, Georgia '15, ASDA District 4 & 5 legislative coordinator
  • Council on Members Insurance and Retirement Programs
    Alexandra Martella, Detroit Mercy '14, ASDA District 6 trustee
  • Council on Membership
    Daryn Lu, Oklahoma '15, ASDA District 9 trustee
  • Council on Scientific Affairs
    Sameet Gill, Boston '14, ASDA District 1 trustee
  • American Dental Political Action Committee
    Emily Tschetter, Nebraska '14, ADPAC student director
  • Commission on Dental Accreditation
    James Kolstad, Marquette '15, chair, ASDA Council on Membership
  • Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations
    Kris Mendoza, Los Angeles '15, ASDA District 11 trustee

Learn more about the ADA Councils and Commissions in Understanding Organized Dentistry (PDF) found in the Dental Student Membership section of ADA.org. 

Membership FAQs

When can I renew my ASDA/ADA membership for next year?

ASDA and ADA's membership runs on a calendar year so your current membership will expire Dec. 31, 2013. Beginning in October 2013, you can renew your membership for the 2014 year. This is also the date that you can begin remitting dues for your incoming first-year students. You can renew through your chapter or by visiting our website (for recruited chapters only). Our dues will remain the same at $75/year for joint membership in ASDA and ADA.


When you renew your membership, either with your chapter or online, be sure to update your contact information with ASDA so you continue to receive your benefits (see below for instructions on updating your address).


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  1. Go to ASDAnet.org 
  2. Login as a member
  3. Click "View Profile" and update your information 
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