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June 2013

ASDA Engage launched 

ASDA's new, advocacy-focused member benefit, Engage, is now live. Please encourage students from your chapter to visit the website and become actively involved in advocacy efforts. ASDA members can use Engage to:

  • Connect with lawmakers
  • Track important legislation
  • Follow current events

For more information, visit ASDAnet.org/advocate or e-mail Andrew Smith, governance and advocacy manager, at ASmith@ASDAnet.org. 


What is ASDA Engage?

NLC registration discount ends 7/12 

We encourage you to register your chapter's attendees for ASDA's National Leadership Conference by July 12 to save $25 per person. If you know you want to send a group, but you're not sure whom, you can swap attendees through Oct. 1. Registering early frees up funds for travel, social activities or other needs.


Some chapters send current leaders as a reward for their hard work, while others register promising D1s and D2s who will ensure a strong chapter in the future. There's something for everyone, including personal growth opportunities, leadership development and chapter idea exchanges.

Visit ASDAnet.org/NLC for details. If you lost your chapter login or have registration/travel questions, e-mail Meghan Keelean at Meghan@ASDAnet.org

Deadline for Ryan Turner Memorial Scholarship is July 1 

If there's a rising star at your chapter, please encourage them to submit an application for the Ryan Turner Memorial Scholarship by July 1.The recipient will receive $2,500, along with travel expenses to accept the award at the 2013 National Leadership Conference. The recipient's chapter will also receive $500. 

Aug. 30 deadline to be part of ASDA's group exemption

Filing for group exemption with ASDA is the easiest way for chapters to obtain tax-exempt status from the federal government and to allow ASDA to file taxes on behalf of your chapter (if your chapter has $50,000 or less in annual gross receipts for any calendar year). ASDA chapters that have been granted a group tax exemption by the Internal Revenue Service do not have to pay tax on income that is related to its tax exempt purpose. To file for group exemption, submit the following three documents to Danielle Bauer, director of membership, at Danielle@ASDAnet.org by Aug. 30: 

  • Chapter Affiliation Agreement signed by chapter officer
  • Consent form to be included in group exemption
  • Form SS-4 is the application for Employer Identification Number, if your chapter does not have a federal tax ID number

Copies of these forms can be found online under chapter finances and legal resources.

Raise money through chapter scrubs fundraiser

Chapters can purchase scrubs and lab coats in bulk at a discount to use as a fundraiser. Items come in multiple colors and sizes and can be embroidered with the ASDA or chapter logo. To order, visit the online store.

Predental membership on the rise

ASDA predental membership has exceeded 1,000 members for the first time. In 2012, ASDA ended the year with 921 members. The increase in membership is due in large to the efforts of chapters to recruit predental members. This year, 40 of the 62 chapters participated in our predental recruitment incentive awarded at annual session. For ideas to recruit predentals, download the Predental How-To Guide.

"Understanding Organized Dentistry" 

Maybe you've heard of the ADA being described as a member-driven organization. But how, exactly, do the members do the driving? Find answers to those questions in "Understanding Organized Dentistry." Learn how the resolution process transforms ideas into policy, understand the tripartite structure, identify the councils, commissions and committees that govern the ADA, and much more. Access the free PDF online at ADA.org/student, or request a hard copy by contacting ADA Office of Student Affairs at studentaffairs@ada.org or 312-440-7470.

Membership FAQs

I graduated from dental school in May. What happens with my ASDA and ADA membership?

ASDA membership runs on a calendar year, so you will be a predoctoral member of ASDA until Dec. 31, 2013. This means, you are still eligible for the full benefits of ASDA, including health insurance, free life and disability insurance and our publications. Be sure to update your contact information with ASDA so you can continue to receive your benefits (see below for instructions on updating your address).


ADA membership also runs on a calendar year so your student membership does not expire until Dec. 31. However, now is the time to start planning your conversion from student to active ADA membership. You have several options, depending on your next step after graduation:  

  1. Graduate student membership if you are going into a graduate program or residency;
  2. Tripartite membership through your state society, if you will be an associate, starting a practice, or faculty of a dental school;
  3. Federal dental service membership for those going into the armed forces or becoming a federal employee; and
  4. Provisional membership if you have graduated but haven't started a professional career yet. All categories have reduced rates. For details, visit www.ada.org/goto/join.

Chapter Handbook

How-to Guide:
Predental Recruitment
Upcoming Events & Deadlines
July 12, 2013
Early registration deadline for National Leadership Conference
Aug. 30, 2013
Apply to be part of ASDA's group tax exemption.
Update Your Address
  1. Go to ASDAnet.org 
  2. Login as a member
  3. Click "View Profile" and update your information 
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