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April 2013

National Volunteer Thank You Week - April 21-27  

There are hundreds of dental students across the country who contribute to ASDA's ongoing success. Whether you're a national or chapter leader, your idea, action and participation has made a difference in our organization. "Thank you" for all that you do! Consider passing on your appreciation to students who volunteer at your chapter.

Grant opportunity available for chapters 

Chapters can apply for new Membership Outreach Grants to help fund local events that promote membership and involvement in ASDA. Chapters must demonstrate the need for the grant and describe what the funds will be used for. ASDA will award up to $500 to five chapters. Full criteria and application requirements are available online. Applications are due May 31, 2013 and events must be held by Dec. 31, 2013. The grants will be awarded in July so funds can be used for fall membership activities. If you have questions on the grant, contact Danielle Bauer, director of membership, at Danielle@ASDAnet.org.

2013 e-mail drive adds 1,000 new contacts        

The key to making sure members are receiving their benefits and staying informed is to make sure ASDA has updated e-mail addresses. Twenty six chapters submitted complete e-mail rosters for their members during the 2013 e-mail drive. Combined with the 24 chapters that submitted complete e-mail information during remittance, 50 ASDA chapters have 100 percent of their members receiving ASDA e-mails and e-newsletters. All 50 were entered into the raffle to receive two cash awards for $500. Congratulations to the winners: Indiana and Marquette!

Update your leaders with the central office

Many chapters elect their new leaders in the spring and start to transition their officers. Please notify Erin Kato, member relations specialist, at Erin@ASDAnet.org of your new leaders so we can update our records for chapter communications.

Resolutions adopted at 2013 House of Delegates  

At the annual session held in Atlanta last month, the House of Delegates considered resolutions on topics such as member dues, a definition of oral health, the use of dental assistants and creation of websites for chapters and districts. View the adopted resolutions at www.ASDAnet.org/adoptedresolutions.aspx


ASDA website makeover 

ASDA's home page was redesigned to provide a fresh look and to make it easier to find the information you need. You can now easily access your member benefits, issues of Mouthing Off blog and ASDA videos. Check out the new site at www.ASDAnet.org.

Membership progress for 2013 year

ASDA has received chapter remittances from all chapters but one. Membership market share for predoctoral members is currently 88.5 percent. We expect to meet or exceed last year's market share of 89 percent by Aug. 31, when the membership year ends. Predental membership is up by almost 100 students from last year, thanks to the recruitment effort of many of our chapters. Questions regarding your chapter's membership totals can be directed to Erin Kato, membership relations specialist, at Erin@ASDAnet.org. 

Membership FAQs

I am graduating from dental school in May. What happens with my ASDA and ADA membership?

ASDA membership runs on a calendar year, so you will be a predoctoral member of ASDA until Dec. 31, 2013. This means, you are still eligible for the full benefits of ASDA, including health insurance, free life and disability insurance and our publications. Be sure to update your contact information with ASDA so you can continue to receive your benefits (see below for instructions on updating your address).


ADA membership also runs on a calendar year so your student membership does not expire until Dec. 31. However, now is the time to start planning your conversion from student to active ADA membership. You have several options, depending on your next step after graduation:  

  1. graduate student membership if you are going into a graduate program or residency;
  2. tripartite membership through your state society, if you will be an associate, starting a practice, or faculty of a dental school;
  3. federal dental service membership for those going into the armed forces or becoming a federal employee; and
  4. provisional membership if you have graduated but haven't started a professional career yet. All categories have reduced rates. For details, visit www.ada.org/goto/join.

How do I update my contact information?

There are three ways to update your contact information, including e-mail address, with ASDA: 

  1. Go online to www.ASDAnet.org/update-your-address.aspx and login as a member using your last name as your user name and ADA number as your password
  2. E-mail membership@ASDAnet.org
  3. Call 800-621-8099, ext. 2795

Who should I contact with questions or concerns? Membership@ASDAnet.org


Chapter Handbook
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May 15, 2013
Authorization form due for chapters part of ASDA's group tax exemption
Update Your Address
  1. Go to ASDAnet.org 
  2. Login as a member
  3. Click "View Profile" and update your information 
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