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 November 2012
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One Presidential, 11 Gubernatorials and 468 Congressional Races

In addition to the 2012 Presidential Election, all 435 US House of Representatives seats are up for election along with 33 U.S. Senate seats. Those elected will serve in the 113th United States Congress.


The result of these Congressional races will have a major impact on the legislative agenda of the next President. While the GOP is poised to maintain its majority in the House, the Senate remains too close to call. The 112th Congress saw 53 Democratic Caucus members controlling the Senate with 47 Republican Conference Senators in the minority. However, with several close races, such as the highly publicized Massachusetts race, and six democrats retiring (versus only three republicans), a majority in the Senate is for the taking.


Additionally, the governorships for Delaware, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington state and West Virginia will be decided on Nov. 6. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker survived a recall election in June, becoming the first governor in history to survive a recall.


Dentists and Congressmen Mike Simpson (R-ID) and Paul Gosar (R-AZ) overcame Republican primary challenges earlier this year for their respective GOP nominations. Congressman Simpson has been a House member since 1999 and Congressman Gosar is running for the newly redrawn Arizona 4th District. Congressman Gosar previously represented the Arizona 1st District for one term. Dr. Gosar also served as the vice chair of the ADA Council on Governmental Affairs.

Information regarding voting in your specific state (registration, residency, identification, absentee/early voting) can be through this 50-State Student Voting Guide.

From the States
Arizona Dental Association Works to Change DH Anesthesia Law

In 2012, the Arizona Dental Association supported legislation that would amend current law to reduce the level of supervision required for dental hygienists to ad­minister local anesthesia. Under the new law, hygienists will be allowed to administer anesthesia with the general supervision of a dentist where the patient was examined by a licensed dentist within the previous 12 months, the patient presents no change in medical history since that exam, the patient is at least 18 years of age and the examining dentist has approved the procedure and documented it in the patient's record. The Arizona Dental Association believes this will improve access to care while maintaining critical patient safety by maintaining oversight and involvement of a dentist. Read more in the ADA State Legislative Report. 

ACA Implementation Update  

States are adopting their essential health benefits (EHB) benchmark plans as part of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Benchmarks serve the actuarial mold under which non-grandfathered plans wishing to sell inside or outside the exchange must fit. It seems that most states have to, or will have to, supplement their recommended EHB benchmark plan to ensure the required pediatric oral health benefit is included in the benchmark. The states' role is to their benchmarks and supplemental plans; the Secretary of the U.S. Health and Human Services approve the benchmark recommendations submitted by states. Read more in the ADA State Legislative Report.  

For more information, please contact ASDA governance and advocacy manager, Andrew Smith.  

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