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Outstanding Volunteers Recognized at Environmental Education and Sustainability Event
Heather Harrington presents Rachel Shi with the Environmental Enthusiast Youth Service Award.
John Reas received the Environmental Volunteer of the Year award.
Mouser Named PFRA Volunteer of the Year
Interim Fire Chief Marty Wade presents John Mouser with the 2014 PFRA Volunteer of the Year award. 
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Congratulations to our Graduating Teen Volunteers

Thank you for your service, and best of luck in college!


Baylor University

Mackenzie Kopp


Collin College

Huong Nguyen


Columbia College, Chicago

Daniel Valdez


Emory University

Netra Anand

Rachel Lee


Fordham University

Samyukthaa Saiprakash


George Washington University

Scott Dai


Princeton University

Arav Arora


Reed College, Oregon

Kaylee Ma


Rice University

Catie Tsai


Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia

Diamond Hurndon


Stanford University

Tiffany Jiang


Southern Methodist University

Florence Kam
Trinayna Sriram

Haley Tripp


Technical University of Dresden, Germany

Hanna Molhoff


Texas A&M University

Avery Fowler
Rachael Morgan
Aastha Rajan


University of California, Los Angeles

Cynthia Huang


University of Chicago

Elaine Tang


University of North Texas

Veronika Perez


University of Oklahoma

Wyatt Maney


University of Texas at Austin

Avinash Baskaran

Grayson Cantrell

Keith Chan

Christine Ha

Pranav Harathi

Henry Liu

Wescott Lu

Vidya Mohanraj

University of Texas at Dallas

Linus Inim

Alison Vo

City Language Bank
City Language Bank translators are needed periodically to interpret taped recordings involving Police and Fire matters, City documents, and general communication with the public. 

If you are fluent in Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern or Indian languages and would like to assist with City matters, please complete this form and email to
Volunteer Opportunities
Theater Ushers
Seeking adults for Courtyard Theater ushering. Enjoy this exciting venue and the performances while helping your community. Duties include taking tickets, passing out programs, and seating patrons. A short training is required to learn about the venue and policies. Please email if you would like to join this group.

App Developer
Seeking a volunteer with iPhone app development experience to assist with the completion of an existing project. Create an application to inventory traffic signs for removal on an iPhone-based device. Responsibilities include meeting with staff to discuss the assignment and attending a few meetings. Time frame is immediate. Email
Dear VIPs, City Staff, and Group Partners
Moving back to City Hall and bumping into new and old friends has been great fun. It has given the VIP staff more opportunities to share in conversations and listen to how things have progressed over the years.

Think about a conversation you had where you were really open to listening to the other person. Is your dialogue exchange a two-way street involving both speaking and listening? Because you never know when someone will come up with an important piece of information unless you open your mind and let them in.

"Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't," explains Bill Nye, the Science Guy. "Sometimes we're so preoccupied with saying our piece that we forget to listen."

This is one of those things I know but continue to learn: there is no other way to build a better-rounded knowledge base than by asking questions and listening to another's opinion. "It's easy to get caught up in our narrow view of the world, but the greater the number of experiences and viewpoints we can gather on a subject, the more likely we are to find better -- or at least different -- ways to do things," clarifies Nye.

Think about Bill Nye's statement and the value other people can bring to your life. With that in mind, I invite each of you to challenge yourself, open your listening gate just a little wider and see what you learn. I know I will now, since there are so many more people to exchange ideas and plans with here at City Hall.


Robin Popik

VIP Supervisor 

Supervisor of the Year Nurtures Volunteers and the Earth
Robin Popik and Heather Merchant present the 2015 VIP Supervisor of the Year Award to Erin Hoffer.
As a former volunteer herself, Erin Hoffer knows how important it is for volunteers to feel valued, and as a volunteer supervisor, she makes sure of it. 

In recognition of her hard work and dedication, Hoffer was named 2015 VIP Supervisor of the Year.

"Erin believes that volunteering your time is one of the greatest gifts you can give," said Abby Owens, Sustainability and Environmental Education Supervisor. "Because of this, she strives to ensure that volunteers who work with her leave feeling fulfilled and appreciated."

In her position as Environmental Education Coordinator, Hoffer guides and supports volunteers in various programs that support Plano's environmental sustainability initiatives.

In his nomination of Hoffer, volunteer John Reas praised her gardening knowledge as well as her ability to work with people. "Through her efforts, the Plano Community Garden continues to thrive as a beacon to the surrounding areas on the benefits of locally produced food that is shared with all, including our area food banks."

Reas applauded Hoffer for always being willing to share her expertise and advice with others who want to start similar programs.

"It is through her considerable efforts that another friend of mine was able to launch a similar community garden in the City of Carrollton in 2014 by using Erin's successful model," Reas said.

Heather Merchant, Sustainability and Environmental Education Manager, has seen Hoffer's positive impact on the lives of many volunteers through her enthusiasm, passion, and teaching skills.

"She spends concentrated time not only showing volunteers how to perform gardening tasks, but teaching them why those tasks are important to the health, lifecycle and productivity of the garden," Merchant continued. "We know of volunteers who have become avid gardeners, composters or gone on to pursue studies related to horticulture or environmental studies as a result of the time spent with her at workdays in the gardens."

Hoffer was a volunteer for six years in Environmental Education before she began working in that department in 2007.


VIP Foster Parent is the Cat's Meow
By Amy Sandling Crawford, Plano Profile

Beth Felker knows that it's a little unusual to have a "kitten superhighway" in the spare bedroom of her home. But when you have a big love for animals and open your house as a foster home for City of Plano Animal Services, you are willing to do unusual things to provide comfort and care to a variety of furry friends.

Read the full story, Beth Felker: Providing Comfort and Care as a "Foster Parent," in the Plano Profile. 

"I lend a hand anyplace I can, whether it be in the cat rooms, dog kennels, washing dishes, or doing laundry."
Thank You to Our Spring Corporate Volunteer Groups
Dell - Animal Shelter Organization and Maintenance
Genband - Animal Shelter, Community Cleanup, and Environmental Education Center Workday
Intel Security/McAfee - Arbor Hills Workday
UBS - Animal Shelter Organization and Maintenance
UTD - Animal Shelter Organization and Maintenance
Top Golf - Environmental Education Center Workday
Intel volunteers helped spring clean at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in April. Thanks to the 39 volunteers who beautified the park!   
Workplace CARES: Volunteers Box Up 6,000 Meals at Food Bank

Municipal Court staffers and friends had a lot of fun at the North Texas Food Bank.
"We met a variety of good people and laughed a lot," described Carrie Frazier. "In 2 1/2 hours, we helped box up 11 pallets weighing 7,200 pounds--about 6,000 meals that can now be distributed to struggling families. Wonderful feeling and humbling experience to know we are providing meals for those in need."