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VIP is turning 30 in October!

We are looking back at the program's history and
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Corina Sadler on the birth of her son!
         James Thadius Sadler

Born June 13 at 8:18 am
7 pounds 2 ounces
19 1/2 inches
Mom and son are home and doing great!  
Learn 2 Live Green

On Saturday, April 13 the Environmental Services Department held our largest volunteer event of the year. Learn 2 Live Green at The Shops at Legacy utilized 157 volunteers from the Live Green in Plano program, VIP, local high schools, corporations and Boy Scouts. These motivated volunteers donated 776 total hours of service in 1 day! 27 volunteers stayed to help for the whole festival.


Thank you L2LG volunteers for your dedication!




Graduating Seniors


Farewell and good luck!

The below teen volunteers are graduating this year and will be attending the following colleges. Congratulations!


Akul Arora - Columbia University

Cassidy Hoang
- University of Texas at Dallas

Colleen Maney -
University of Miami

Emma Livingston
- Rice University

Gus Shaqaidef
- Collin College

Kenia Castro
- Texas Tech

Mandaline Kam
- Southern Methodist University

Michael Bertucci
- University of North Texas

Michelle Tate
- University of Texas at Austin

Stephen Bertucci
- Texas A&M Commerce

Victor Huang
- University

of Texas at Dallas

Zobia Iftikhar
- University of Texas at Dallas

Dear VIP's, City Staff and Partners,
Volunteering: History of an American Value


"This country has relied on volunteers from its start: Colonists banded together to survive the harsh New World, forming support groups to help each other plant crops, build houses and fight disease. Benjamin Franklin developed the first volunteer firehouse in 1736, an idea that has become the country's norm, as more than 70 percent of all firefighters today are volunteers." ~ Stephanie Rosenburg posted on April 18, 2013 in Inspiration


In reviewing the numbers and the causes, it is evident that volunteering has basically become a national pastime. In 2011 volunteering reached its highest level since 2006 as Americans volunteered nearly 8 billion hours to local and national causes. Today nearly one in four Americans, an estimated 64.3 million people, are either volunteering or have volunteered in the past.


It's safe to say volunteering is as much a part of America's present and its past. When we look at how Americans volunteer and why, it's evident that while the "how" has changed throughout history the desire to serve will always be part of the nation's legacy.


What do you think about the role volunteering has played in U.S. history? Please email your response to and we will share them in the next newsletter.


Have a wonderful summer,

Robin Popik

Living Legend Award




Thirty years of dedication is impressive for any regular employee, but for volunteer Mina Daffinee, it is even more remarkable. She has been helping seniors in Plano since before the Plano Senior Recreation Center started. Her years of volunteering spanned three locations and three directors. For the past 30 years...learn more about Mina's contributions.  

Her passion for genealogy gives her a special shine



How do you know your genealogy tree is in any way accurate? Ask Cathy McDade and people make her shine when you meet her. Cathy has been volunteering for the Genealogy, Local History, Texana, and Archives since 2008. Cathy has been addicted to family research since 1980. She loves...find out what makes the genealogy program so special.  

No project is too small or too hard for her to conquer



Karen Krusinowski Genealogy, Local History, Texana, and Archives in 2010 when she moved to Plano. Cheryl Smith, Genealogy Supervisor patrons when she's here." Read about Karen's passion for the program... 

VIP Teens Display Excellence in Service

VIP Teens 

Four teen volunteers were honored by the Plano Public Library System for their  dedication to service. Sidarth Subramanian, Keval Shah, Reagan Cantrell and Matthew Medina each contributed a significant amount of hours for 2012. They are featured above with former Mayor Phil Dyer and VIP teen coordinator, Corina Sadler at the annual PPLS volunteer recognition event.

Love Where You Live

On April 27,  LWYL made a difference in one Plano neighborhood  creating safer and more beautiful and valued neighborhoods for families and residents. Volunteers assisted the Park Forest neighborhood to revitalizing 29 homes, collecting dozens of bags of litter and paint 60+ premise ID's.

A total of 586 LWYL volunteers helped spruce up the physical appearance, while developing relationships and giving back to the community demonstrating that acts of kindness brings people together and strengthen all.



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City of Plano
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Robin Popik, Volunteer Resources Supervisor
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