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Fall 2012 
Robin Popik Receives Award
Eagle Scout Gives Rowlett Creek A Facelift
Volunteers Are Valuable Colleagues
College Student Has A Productive Summer



 Robin Popik Receives National Volunteer Management Award


The National Association of Volunteer Programs in Local Government presented Robin Popik with the Excellence in Volunteer Management Award in Chicago.


Ms. Popik is the City of Plano's Volunteer Resources Supervisor, and has been overseeing the  Volunteer in Plano (VIP) Program for more than 22 years.  Her work enhances City services and allowed for additional programs that otherwise would not have been possible without the efforts of volunteers. 

Since its inception in 1983, the VIP volunteers have donated 1,518,480 hours, which is valued at $20,568,399.


Ms. Popik enjoys working with other cities who are looking to start programs like Plano's.  She is very good at building partnerships and coordinating with  orgranizations to make programs like Love Where You Live and  Math Tutoring viable.  These programs empower local volunteers to be  the heart and hands of our community, reaching out to repair, rebuild, and restore our neighborhoods together.


Congratulations Robin!




Eagle Scout, Kyle Dunlop, Gives  Rowlett Creek
A Facelift 


Eagle Scout Clean Up 3 

Congratulations Kyle, on receiving the

Eagle Scout rank!






Corina Sadler, Volunteer Coordinator, would like to say THANK YOU to the hundreds of teens, 13-18 years old, who donated their time this summer to serving City programs.


"Our summer program was a huge success. It was made possible by teen volunteers who demonstrated leadership skills, positive attitudes, committment and an eagerness to learn new things.


These students will become our future program leaders and I am inspired everyday by their genuine interest in helping others."



Great job VIP teens!






Dear  Volunteers and Staff,      


How many of you remember the song "No Time" by the Guess Who?  This song came to mind when I read a study by Cassie Mogilner on "Giving Time Gives You Time."


Cassie Mogilner, from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, opening statement read, "Despite medical advances that have lengthened the human life span and technological innovations that have automated many chores, Americans report feeling more time constrained than ever (Carroll, 2008; Robinson & Godbey, 1999). Many, in fact, perceive themselves as victims of a 'time famine'-having too much to do and not enough time to do it (DeVoe & Pfeffer, 2011; Perlow, 1999).   


Dr. Mogilner, however, proposed that helping people can actually change the perception of the amount of objective time that people have at their disposal. In other words, feelings of 'time affluence' can be increased and the perception of 'time famine' can be alleviated. To test the hypothesis that spending time on others increases an individual's perceived time, she devised the following experiments: 1) comparing spending time on other people with wasting time, 2) spending time on oneself and 3) gaining a windfall of free time. The results of these particular experiments revealed that she was correct. There is a counterintuitive solution to the common problem of feeling that one does not have enough time: Give some of it away 



She states that "It's because giving time boosts one's sense of personal competence and efficiency, and this in turn stretches out time in our minds. Ultimately, giving away time makes people more willing to commit to future engagements despite their busy schedules." Volunteering may actually increase one's sense of unhurried leisure!   



I suspect this to be true for most of us, but would like to hear what you think.  Please send me your comments at If you would like to read the study, click here.  




 Robin Popik 
Volunteer Resources Supervisor  



Volunteers are Valuable Colleagues

by Kathy Williams 


 Front Row: Kevin Carley ~ Back Row left to right: Clairesea Perkins, Robbie Rocheleau, Joyce Rossman, Gloria Chick and Richard Wyman.
Not Pictured: Bob Landry, Jeremy Sanders, Jerry & Eunice Lytle


On almost any day you will find one, two, or even three volunteers in the Plano Police Records Department, supporting and assisting staff.  "Volunteers give senior staff time to focus on case filing, statistical functions, and data entry.  Employees could not imagine doing their jobs without them and consider them as valuable colleagues, who are an integral part of their department," explains Kathy Williams, Police Volunteer Supervisor.


"Initially volunteer work was limited to scanning Arrests and filing Cases. However, the volunteers soon demonstrated excellent understanding of Police documents and processes, and their assignments were steadily expanded.  Now they scan multiple documents, (including original statements, medical records, and case documents), and shred documents which must be destroyed by statute," shares Kathy. 


CLICK HERE to learn about more accomplishments from VIPs in the Police Department.



Caroline Choe

Student volunteer has productive summer

by Amy Sandling Crawford, Plano Profile Special Editor

Story used with permission from Plano Profile


For 20-year-old Caroline Choe, the idea to spend her summer volunteering in Plano came about while doing some online research. She was looking into internship opportunities in the Washington, D.C. and Dallas areas to supplement her education at Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

"I realized the reason I had such a difficult time deciding on which internship position to apply for was because I wasn't sure which position would be relevant for my potential major" she said. "As I looked, I thought it would be better to spend this summer volunteering and giving back to the community. As I began to look deeper, I became more resolute that this would be the right thing to do both for myself and for the community that I grew up in."

Caroline, who grew up in Plano and graduated from Plano West Senior High, volunteered over the summer with Special Edition Kids Kapers, a therapeutic recreation program through the city's Parks and Recreation Department that serves 4-7 year olds and 7-10 year olds with special needs. She also served in Plano's Haggard Library Genealogy, Local History, Texana and Archives department organizing and cataloging documents.

CLICK HERE to read about Caroline's summer adventure volunteering courtesy of
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