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32 years ago, San Francisco restaurateur Steve Harris had a simple inspiration. What if gay people had an alternative to the bars, a safe, fun place in the Castro where they could hang out, have a cup of coffee, socialize without alcohol and drugs?


The idea took hold, and on April 1, 1983 - just as AIDS began cutting down so many young men in the neighborhood - Harris opened the Castro Country Club.


From the beginning, the Country Club was a popular meeting place. Those who were around back then often reflect on the now-iconic front steps, filled with shirtless men cruising passersby on a hot day. The "door dyke" who collected $1/day memberships from all who would enter. The incredible love and support members offered each other as they battled in the trenches of alcoholism, addiction and AIDS.


It's hard to describe in just a few words the impact of the Country Club. At its core, it is just a place, and yet it has been so much more than that for so many people whose lives have been changed for the better - not by the place, really, but by other people who came here.


The Country Club served from the start as the intersection between two wounded but spirited communities - the LGBT and the recovery communities.


The Country Club became our home.

"For our 32nd Anniversary, we have set a goal of adding 32 new recurring monthly donors... 32 for 32!" 


When faced with the possibility that the Country Club could permanently close a number of times over the last 32 years, the community has always stepped up, recognizing the value of the place and pulling together to keep the doors open. If anyone ever thought the Country Club was not important, just try closing it down and see what happens.


Nowadays the Country Club is a more vital part of the neighborhood and city than ever. The challenges of the past have strengthened us.


One year ago, we completed a total renovation and redesign project paid for with funds raised from the community. The place would probably be unrecognizable to the late Steve Harris.


But I am sure that the spirit and daily activities of the Country Club remain the same: alcoholics and addicts reaching out to help others, demonstrating that it can be done, one day at a time, that there's another way to live. 


"Expenses continue to rise; we are working hard to pay our bills every month while rebuilding a prudent reserve."


Our goal in the coming year is to ensure that the Country Club continues to thrive and to be of service. Expenses continue to rise, and we are working hard to pay our bills every month while rebuilding a prudent reserve. Currently, we have 58 supporters who make monthly recurring donations of about $3,000.

For our 32nd Anniversary, we have set a goal of adding 32 new recurring monthly donors, at any level.

32 for 32! Will you be one of them?

Monthly donor levels start at just $10/month. And we have some really nice thank you gifts for you as well. For more information, or to start your monthly recurring donation and help us celebrate 32 years of service, click "Donate Now" below.

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