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Our Gratitude List


This Thanksgiving, we have a lot to be grateful for:

  • The countless volunteers who have staffed the Club from early morning until late at night, 365 days a year. Thank you. You are the Castro Country Club.

  • The faith and loyalty of the hundreds of people who have donated to the Club over the last five years. Because of them, the Club not only survived, it is now beautifully renovated and thriving.

  • The thousands of people who come through the Club's doors every month for a meeting, a cup of coffee or fellowship.

  • All CCC Advisory Board members, past and present, who have wisely steered the Club through a challenging period, helped to raise funds, overseen management of the community's money, and provided a guiding light for the future.

  • TECTA Architects and G-MAX Construction for working with us to bring our vision for the Club to reality.

  • Interior designer Geoffrey De Sousa, who rallied his associates to donate the finishing touches on our renovations - including new floors, paint, and furnishings.

  • Tony Arsan and Pella Windows for donating and installing new double-paned windows throughout the Club.

  • CCC Advisory Board Treasurer Marcel Calma for donating the lovely olive tree and bamboo for the back deck.

  • CCC Advisory Board member Brandon Cline, and all those who responded to his call for donations for the sexy new meeting room chairs and barbeque.

  • Folsom Street Events, and all of our volunteers who staffed Folsom Street Fair and Up Your Alley, raising $19,500 to support the Club's programs this year.

  • REAL BAD, the Folsom weekend philanthropic dance party, and all our volunteers who helped staff their events, raising $21,750 to support the Club's programs this year.

  • AIDS Walk/SF and all our Team CCC walkers and supporters who raised over $10,000 to support the Club this year.

  • MASCARA, including hostess Miss CCC 2014 Frida K-hole and all her queens, plus producer and CCC Advisory Board chair Carlos Perea, who have raised thousands to support the Club and built a sisterly institution of artistry and fellowship.

  • All the volunteers who stepped up for Pink Saturday, Pride Sober Stage and the Castro Street Fair in support of the Club this year.

  • The wonderful team who produced the 5th Annual Harvest Feast: Freak Show last month, and all the guests, contributors, performers and honorees. After expenses, the event raised nearly $10,000 to support the Club.

  • The Horizons Foundation, which has offered the Club philanthropic support at key junctures in our recent history.

  • AIDS Life/Cycle Team Castro Country Club, which raises money to fight HIV and AIDS and represents the Club in the community.

  • The San Francisco AIDS Foundation, which has expertly managed the Club's books for two years now and has given us wide latitude to manage our own affairs. Currently operating with a $300,000 budget, the Club has been entirely self-supporting through our own contributions and fundraising for the last two years.

  • The fellowships who remind us of our Primary Purpose and hold 38 weekly meetings at the Club, including AA, CMA, Alanon, NA, OA, FA, and CoDA.

  • The approximately 30 community members who continue to support the Club with monthly contributions. You are helping us to maintain self-support and to rebuild our prudent reserve to ensure our future.

  • The one LGBT alcoholic or addict who might get the message at the Club today, and go on to share it with others.

  • You! On behalf of all the men and women who have achieved and maintained sobriety at the Castro Country Club, thank you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and God bless.

 --- Your friends at the Castro Country Club
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